June 23, 2023

Document Management Platform: Basic Features for Building a Digital Office Platform

With popularization of mobile Internet and continuous development of cloud computing and data analysis industry, digital office platforms have become core capabilities of enterprise IT.

With these digital office platforms, businesses and teams can leverage technological opportunities for secure internal and external collaboration, deep accumulation and efficient reuse of knowledge, and comprehensive improvement in work quality and efficiency.

The digital office platform can connect various business links and elements widely, speed up flow of production elements, and promote efficient collaboration between employees and departments, which is source of enterprise productivity.

In digital office environment, number of electronic documents is growing rapidly, and document management platform is also an important cornerstone for enterprises that build a digital office platform.

Content management

The Quick Cloud Library combines power of online documents and corporate network drives, and combines benefits of both file storage management and document collaboration.

The Sukuai Cloud Library covers common enterprise file application scenarios, enabling businesses and organizations to increase productivity in complex office environments. It connects and unifies disparate enterprise files in cloud, implements unified content storage, and provides basic capabilities such as file search, access, sharing, collaboration, and granular file permissions.

At same time, it is more open, easier to integrate with other applications, expanding scope, and even closer to innovative and intelligent applications.

File Transfer

File sharing refers to flow of elements within organizations and regions to ensure efficient distribution and development of resources.

The Quickly Cloud Library covers internal and external corporate, upstream and downstream document exchange and circulation scenarios, effectively reducing repetitive workflow activities, increasing efficiency and reducing costs in transferring information between departments and regions, and helping to transform data into momentum development.

Support file approval process, uploading, uploading and uploading files can create an approval process, support a counter-signature or signature, control document security, and enhance platform capabilities.

Data center

In work environment of multi-digital platforms, Kuaikuai Cloud Library can be used as an unstructured data management platform for enterprises and organizations to collect, store, share and retrieve unstructured data between multi-work platforms.

At same time, overcome barUnstructured data bridges across systems, implement global applications for unstructured data, help businesses capitalize on data, and enhance reuse. Make data service more agile with data center and maximize business opportunities.

For enterprises, a more flexible, secure and efficient digital office platform is goal they pursue, which requires integration and co-building of multiple parties, and document management platform is also main link. The file management platform provides file storage, management, and service capabilities. The platform is open and can meet integration requirements of other product matrices to maximize the capabilities of an enterprise digital work platform.