June 20, 2023

Six measures to help you create a standardized document management system

Due to widespread use of computer technology and new generation information technology in enterprise management, electronic documents have become one of most important documents in business of an enterprise. To perform well in standardized electronic document management, we must first understand life cycle of documents. Simply put, it is all operations triggered by document type from entire life cycle of creation, modification, approval, distribution, borrowing, archiving, cancellation and reuse, in order to formulate standardized management norms for documents that are suitable for traditional enterprises. enterprises to create a high standard document management system?

Six measures to help you create a standardized document management system
1. File privacy system

The first element of electronic document management is document's confidentiality level. Which files can be distributed, which files can be shared internally, which files can only be viewed by certain departments, and which files can only be viewed by certain people. The security of files in management can only be guaranteed after setting file privacy level.

2. Relationship between files and organizational structure

After setting privacy level, you also need to clarify ownership of file and relationship with organizational structure. This point of different business management requirements will be very different. It is also necessary to manage document flow between different departments. For electronic documents, transfer of documents between departments should solve problem of multiple copies and problem of destruction of copies.

3. Manage new and old versions

Electronic documents should have a multi-version problem. The basic element of versioning is that all versions of a file should be managed in same way. And keep a good thread. The general idea is to differentiate between version of a file by version name and branch name.

Six measures to help you create a standardized document management system
4. Centralized centralized management

First of all, we need to know which documents need to be managed in a unified way. According to requirements of modern enterprises, documents related to work and business should be managed in a unified way. Then question arises, how to collect them? Who will take care of it? A file management system can be installed to solve these problems, or it can be rule-based, but most effective way is by far use of tools.

5. File classification management

In order to manage classification of electronic documents well, it is necessary to establish a document evaluation standard. In ISO quality management system, documents are divided into four levels, corresponding to quality manuals, program documents, work instructions, and quality records. For traditional enterprises, especially manufacturing industry, these four-level documents are basic elements of enterprise quality management, and are also prerequisites for ISO certification.

6. Archiving and recycling

Enterprise documents are constantly growing and accumulating along with enterprise, and this can be seen as one of end points of document lifecycle, deprecation. How to submit? How to recycle? Who will manage archive? Everything needs a mature solution to solve.

Huizhi Wulian ISO File Management System

The Huizhi Wulian ISO file management system takes needs of manufacturing industry as a starting point, builds a centralized file management and collaboration platform, and uses mobile phones, corporate WeChat and other tools to realize unified reading and approval of files. , which reduces burden on employees caused by sharing data across locations, so employees can ensure that documents are timely, consistent, and secure. In addition, years of implementation experience enables Wisdom IoT to provide practical solutions such as high-speed, flexible, and secure mobile document access, upload, download, and print for manufacturing industry, helping enterprises create services in a more timely, reliable, and low-cost system.

Six measures to help you create a standardized document management system

1. System integration, creation of an exclusive platform for corporate files

Huizhi Wulian ISO document management system has strong system integration capabilities, which can be linked with internal enterprise systems of WeChat, OA, ERP, CRM and others, and support other production tool software, making full use of existing resources. circumstances, get through all links to realize unified data management.

2. Portable and easy to use, meeting a variety of needs

Whether employees of enterprise have professional technical ability or not, they can easily use ISO Huizhi IoT document management system. Facing various office scenarios, from office to workshop, system provides users with portable application services that can be used on mobile phones and computers to meet different usage needs.

3. Improving efficiency and delivering full lifecycle services

The Huizhi IoT ISO Document Management System can accompany entire process of a production project, providing users with services covering entire life cycle of documents, such as document upload, approval, storage, content, control, transfer, local access and distribution. , Increase speed of opening and reading documents, and improve the efficiency of document management and communication.