June 10, 2023

Huizhi Wulian tells you how enterprises should do well in quality management after passing ISO9001

In fierce market competition, in order to improve company's product quality and brand credibility, many traditional enterprises have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, but they do not know how to do quality management well. after passing certification, so How to do? Let's talk about how to do a good job in quality management.

1. Internal audit is very important

Internal audit differs from external audit in that it is a process of self-discovery. The internal auditors of enterprise have a better understanding of situation in enterprise itself, which is more conducive to detection, resolution and improvement of problems. Internal audit should strengthen verification of implementation and correction of audited area and process, and in subsequent verification, review and evaluate implementation and effect of measures, record them in a report, and implement a closed audit management cycle to promote continuous quality improvement.

Huizhi Wulian tells you how enterprises should do well in quality management after passing ISO9001
2. Set a target for product quality compliance level

Product quality assurance is starting point and end point of building a quality management system. The product quality conformity index [yield rate] is guaranteed by normal and efficient operation of quality management system and process control. Annual, quarterly and monthly output The goal has become very important. It is necessary to strictly organize quality management functions of each production unit and each link, strictly control quality control of entire process from receipt of raw materials to delivery of finished products, and perform prescribed quality management duties accordingly, so that a quality responsibility system is implemented throughout entire production process.

Huizhi Wulian tells you how enterprises should do well in quality management after passing ISO9001

Strengthening construction of quality management system and product quality are complementary. If they contradict each other, neglecting construction of a quality management system and focusing on quality issues, product quality cannot be guaranteed; without product quality, focus on building a quality management system, only pay attention to analysis of quality problems, do not pay attention to summarizing your own practical experience, and it will not be useful to improve product quality. Therefore, in process of supervising management system, we must pay attention to continuous improvement of system, and must require enterprise to closely combine actual requirements of users, actual requirements of products, and actual management of enterprises. continuously improve quality management system. By promoting continuous improvement of enterprises, we can effectively enhance quality assurance ability to ensure product quality.

3. A document management system is very important

When applying for ISO9001 certification, many companies simply set up a document management system to get certified. In fact, there is no corresponding document management system and document controller. Due to importance of control management, they are re-scheduling to create a document management system, which is typical for most customers served by Huizhi IoT.

Huizhi Wulian tells you how enterprises should do well in quality management after passing ISO9001

Establishing a quality management system is inseparable from quality document management and control. As an example of Huizhi Wulian's document management system, corporate documents are divided into four levels, covering enterprise system documents, program documents, external documents. , data forms and other types of documents are under system control throughout life cycle of document issuance, verification, distribution, authority management and borrowing. A good and fundamental basis, enterprise quality management system and product output can naturally be guaranteed.