June 01, 2023

Brief discussion of document management in Office Document Management

Abstract: Quality management of office documents plays an important role in functioning and development of enterprises and institutions. As one of important contents of office work, office work to a certain extent affects efficiency of office work. This article mainly deals with and discusses problems that exist in management of official documents in office and related measures, and is intended for reference only.

1. Introduction

Official documents play an important role in downloading, distributing and coordinating communication. The quality of office work directly affects development of related work. The high-quality performance of work on document circulation is of great practical importance for sustainable and stable development of enterprises and institutions.

Second, major document management issues

(1) It is necessary to improve professional level of document management department

In a new era, office document management must adapt to new requirements. However, some departments do not attach much importance to office work, and there are times when internal staff is responsible for part-time office work. be further improved.

(2) Document management needs improvement

At this stage, employees of some departments do not have a deep understanding of work of managing official documents, system of managing official documents is imperfect and perfect, staff is subjective and arbitrary, it is difficult to effectively ensure security of information and development of official document management. Lack of order [1].

(3) There is a need to increase privacy awareness in management of official documents

Employees of some departments are not aware of confidentiality of official documents and do not fully understand importance of confidentiality work, variety of leakage channels and harm caused by confidentiality, resulting in a lack of awareness of protection during work, which directly affects benefits and department image.

Third, measures for good document management

(1) Strengthen structure of official records management staff

Office workflow makes relatively high demands on professional qualities and efficiency of office employees. We can start from following two aspects in order to continuously improve professional qualities of relevant employees: First, invite relevant experts or employees with rich practical experience. , provide training on topic of official records management, help office staff fully understand and understand management of official documents, master scientific working methods and effectively improve their professionalsessionalism and practical abilities [2]; second, office must change traditional working methods and break others. The current situation of postal personnel doing work of document management at same time, introduction of professional talents, and continuous improvement of ability and level of document management.

(2) Constantly optimize and improve document management system

1. Building an archiving system

The main purpose of records management is to archive relevant information for later use. The office should establish and improve archiving and storage system of documents, as well as carry out quality work on registration, sorting and preservation of official documents in a timely manner. Classify and store official documents according to different departments, filing time, types of official documents and importance, store same type of related documents in a filing cabinet, and keep originals and copies of key documents separately, which is convenient for first documents to be retrieved and checked.

2. Building a system for checking official documents

Retrieving and consulting official documents also requires establishment of appropriate systems to limit qualifications for searching and consulting official documents and limit behavior of personnel concerned. For example, establish a security responsibility system in verification of official documents, track search and verification of archival and stored official documents, and strictly record relevant information such as items to be verified, time of verification, and person to be verified. In event of leakage or loss of official documents, records management personnel and reviewers should share their respective responsibilities.

3. Enhance document management security

When managing official documents, relevant employees should increase their awareness of confidentiality, strictly adhere to document registration and verification system, and regularly and comprehensively sort daily stored official documents. At same time, office should strengthen communication and coordination with other departments, encourage employees of other departments to comply with confidentiality requirements, effectively ensure security of official documents during upload and release period, and effectively improve quality and level of official document flow [3].

4. Work well with electronic document management

Against backdrop of office automation, document management still faces many challenges. All departments must apply technical means such as authentication of credentials, encryption of official documents, detection and prevention of network attacks, security vulnerability management, prevention of network viruses, etc., strictly restrict authority and management process of officialdocuments, and effectively improve security. electronic document management systems. At same time, it is also necessary to build a centralized platform for storing official documents to control entire process of generating official documents, registration, filing, handling, searching, viewing, storing and destroying, clarifying source and location of official documents. , and promote efficient electronic document management. In addition, it is necessary to constantly strengthen technical training of personnel in records management in order to improve their ability and level of application of information technology.

4. Conclusion

In general, document management is an important basis for development of various tasks in enterprises and institutions. All departments should attach great importance to official document management, deeply understand and understand importance of official document management, establish and improve official document management system, promote safe and secure storage of official documents, and effectively improve level of record keeping.


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Author: Wang Jian (Hunan Shadow Puppet Protection and Inheritance Center)