May 30, 2023

Data Protection Solutions: Three Keys to Success

Data Protection Solutions: Three Keys to SuccessWorried about resiliency of your network? Now is time to evaluate how you manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure. NetApp can help you protect against cybersecurity threats and data loss risks, and coordinate response time and recovery capabilities across your hybrid cloud... all without compromising performance. Why Choose NetApp Data Protection Solutions? With NetApp, data protection is no longer just an addition to your infrastructure. Data protection is a critical foundation for how NetApp manages data. NetApp provides solutions to address cybersecurity threats and protect data right way. Data protection to meet data performance requirements. Meet data protection and data performance requirements simultaneously with NetApp® solutions. It's all about an integrated, unified approach to dealing with everything from data loss to site outages, app or hardware failures, accidental deletions and malware, ransomware and viruses. Data Protection Solutions: Three Keys to SuccessProtect - Prevent attacks and minimize data loss and downtime. Detection. Detects internal and external threats in advance. Restore - Quickly restore data, workloads, and applications. ProtectionThe average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million. Prevent attacks, minimize data loss and downtime before they cost you money. DetectionCan you afford more than 200 days to detect a data breach? We don't think so. Proactively detect attacks as they occur. Recovery Downtime was expensive, approaching $6,000 per minute. Quickly restore data, workloads, and applications in minutes. Our methods and solutions reduce time required for data backup and recovery from days to hours, disaster recovery from hours to minutes, and continuous availability of parallel systems from minutes to seconds. Your data protection requirements are driving force behind everything; we will create solutions based on your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Avoiding costly data loss and downtimeTo what extent do existing data protection methods consume resources in production storage? Be aware that many infrastructure vendors disable data protection for performance testing. NetApp does not. We protect data right way by making data protection foundation of data governance. Modern data warehouse is built on softwareNetApp ONTAP® data management software that provides unified storage with access to S3 objects. It also provides block and file concurrent data access for Microsoft Windows and Linux clients and enterprise applications. NetApp technologies help reduce storage usage requirements by up to 70 percent, providing strong encryption and efficient data mobility. In addition, our combined capabilities effectively counter ransomware and other threats, allowing you to intelligently manage your data in clouds. There is no better place to manage your data than NetApp systems. Reduction. Reduce backup and disaster recovery time to seconds while reducing media server costs and improving application performance. Optimization. Enhance data security and retention with real-time in-place encryption, multi-factor authentication to prevent unwanted access, and immutable, irreversible copies of data to enhance data security and storage capabilities. Maximum. Increase data efficiency and reuse with simultaneous backup and disaster recovery. Our solutions provide unified replication, native data access for data reuse in production workloads, and object tiering to reduce storage costs. The costs and risks of status quo are risingToday's hybrid cloud environment is more than complex. Systems distributed across on-premises, private and public clouds now run hundreds of applications and workloads that feed data from countless Internet of Things (IoT) end users and devices. Layers, interdependencies, and hidden security holes can be confusing. If you thought traditional backup, disaster recovery, and security measures were best way to protect your entire IT system, you wouldn't be here. After all, traditional approaches to data protection are not keeping up with realities of IT. Time. With 24/7 performance requirements and cumulative annual data growth of 40% to 50%, acceptable backup and restore times are nearing a breaking point. Cost. If you want to invest in income generating activities, you need to invest more in hardware and software to secure fast growing data. Risk. Speaking of frustrating budgetary realities… you can't skimp on data protection in face of constant threats and strict rules about data retention, movement, and where to store data. Don't stop with ransomwareAtaransomware is on rise. That spending is expected to exceed $20 billion this year. When it comes to ransomware, it's not enough to build perimeter defenses. You must be able to protect, detect and recover quickly. To focus or not to focus: it's time to change strategy20 billion dollars: estimated damage from ransomware in 2021[2]In most enterprises, job of protecting data is divided among many players. The security team handles firewall and perimeter virus protection. The storage group handles backup and disaster recovery. Application owners usually bear at least partial responsibility for their decisions. However, in a shared hybrid environment, it's easy to overlook important considerations and updates. A simple human error, a cyber security threat, or an unpredictable disaster can put an entire organization at risk. A code compromise would disrupt Colonial Pipeline, damaging regional fuel supplies in United States. And traditional backup, recovery, and disaster recovery solutions can't deliver performance you need to keep your business up and running. After all, it can take several days to get a copy of data from tape backup solution. Disk-to-disk solutions work better, but can still take several hours. In addition, data mirroring in most disaster recovery solutions is inefficient and expensive. So, with all potential security breaches and recovery, how do you quickly identify, respond to, and recover from threats? How to unify data protection workflows? And how do you do all this while controlling costs to increase investment in new business drivers? NetApp delivers robust data protection and rapid recovery from failures, human error, and cybersecurity threats beyond traditional backup, security, and recovery solutions. Detect ransomware, viruses and other serious threatsEffective data analysis helps you detect and prevent most serious threats. The challenge is to get indicators in a timely manner and be able to work with them. NetApp Cloud Insights monitors file access patterns for suspicious user activity to identify potential victims of ransomware attacks and stop them. NetApp ONTAP provides alerts for unusual storage performance, including unexpected data growth, over-allocation of NetApp Snapshot™ copies, and loss of efficiency, to help identify possible infections. In addition, you can block files with known malicious extensions or allow files with safe extensions via ONTAP, integrateCheck with leading virus protection software and keep an audit trail. Assess your data protection and security readinessPrepare ahead of time for a cyberattack. The NetApp Data Protection and Security Assessment identifies gaps in your current data protection strategy and provides an actionable proactive plan to minimize potential risk in your NetApp ONTAP storage environment. Data Protection SolutionsDisaster RecoveryUse NetApp solutions to minimize data loss and downtime due to component failures and unplanned downtime, improved fault tolerance to prevent failures. Backup and RecoveryMeet most demanding backup and recovery windows with NetApp solutions that help you recover quickly and comprehensively from unplanned events. Regulatory ManagementAlways-on privacy and compliance controls help you determine where and what type of data is stored to better comply with data privacy and regulatory requirements. RansomwareNetApp offers layered solutions to layered problems, protecting your business with a data-centric approach to cyberthreat protection and recovery.

Data Protection Solutions: Three Keys to Success

Restore in seconds or minutesComplexity drives up cost and time of backups and disaster recovery. Using traditional data protection methods can be costly and cumbersome. Restoring data from tape or streaming backups can take several hours, resulting in a loss of income and user productivity. Everything is possible with NetApp. We can provide integrated data protection solutions that reduce backup and disaster recovery times to minutes or seconds, with virtually no downtime. Our solution offers the following benefits:Faster restore operations — restore files, directories and volumes in seconds using snapshots; Minimize data loss with detailed point-in-time backupsFaster data recovery from secondary backups in local or cloud environments; block-level protection eliminates unnecessary data transfer between devicesFast disaster recovery - restores petabytes of data from clean local or remote snapshots in seconds or minutes.

IGZ, Solutions and Services Provider for SAP Customers, Achieves Nearly 100% Uptime with NetApp Snapshot Technology for Rapid Recovery. Sportswear giant Arc'teryx secures its data with NetAppAs Arc'teryx becomes more global, data must be secure and accessible everywhere. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, a company can manage all its data across hybrid clouds. Blackline Takes Control of Your Sensitive Financial Data in Hybrid CloudFinancial service provider economically manages sensitive financial data in hybrid cloud environments. Dutch SAP Service Provider Turns to NetApp for Cloud Backup and RecoverymyBrand hosts over 750 SAP instances for its customers. Azure-based private and public cloud options work well with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.