May 30, 2023

How to choose right document management solution?

How to choose right document management solution?

How to choose right document management solution?

The right document management solution can help protect your data, digitize your paper processes, ensure business continuity, ensure compliance and prepare for audits.

But not all document management solutions are same. To truly realize these benefits, you need a system that meets certain criteria.

Document Management Solutions Checklist

When evaluating and selecting a particular supplier, ask yourself following questions.

How to choose right document management solution?

Does software include:1. Does user have access through a unique username and password? Strong user authentication provides a key aspect of security.

2. Use only HTTPS for data transfer? HTTPS uses TLS/SSL encryption and is therefore more secure.

3. Provide different levels of access to documents? This means you can assign access to individuals, groups, titles, or roles for even more control.

4. Protect documents with AES 256-bit encryption? This method meets highest US government security requirements for encrypting sensitive information.

5. Store key business data on site? Many companies choose to keep records as part of their business to legally protect customer information.

6. Should cloud solutions provide data redundancy across multiple locations within same legal area? Data redundancy ensures business continuity in event of a natural disaster such as a flood or power failure.

How to choose right document management solution?

7. Provide separation of client and system data? Data separation ensures confidentiality of customer information.

8. Do you use technologies to protect user data and logins? These technologies provide protection against threats such as malware or unauthorized access.

9. Do you include workflows that allow retention policies to be enforced? For legal reasons, you are required to keep documents for a certain number of years. For example, in US, you must keep your accounts for at least seven years.

10. Help you meet personal data processing standards? The public demands data privacy, and companies that do not comply with information processing compliance standards such as GDPR and HIPAA can violate data protection laws and face large fines.

11. Confirm integrity of a document with an electronic signature? An electronic signature guarantees authenticity of person signing document and integrity of document through encryption technology and digital certificates.

How to choose right document management solution?

12. Log all changes in a document? Logging helps your company create an accurate and complete audit trail.

13. Provide version control? This helps to properly manage current and past versions of document.

14. Do you meet certain security standards and requirements for high quality software? The standards include SOC, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 9001. For example, ISO 9001 is a standard that tells you that software and cloud computing vendors have excellent quality control ratings for software production and development.

15. Provide easy integration with other systems such as CRM or ERP? Full integration simplifies entire workflow.

The most important thing when choosing document management software

A secure document management solution will protect your data, ensure business continuity, and help you quickly and thoroughly prepare for audits. But you can only realize this potential if you invest in software that meets relevant security, compliance, functionality, and usability standards. DocuWare is an example. As a leader in document management and workflow automation, DocuWare provides comprehensive and secure document management solutions for companies that require data protection, digital workflow and business continuity.