June 06, 2023

Haberdashery: a guide to avoiding mistakes when building informatization of traditional production

In recent years, digital transformation has become an inevitable trend, but few people realize that in field of traditional manufacturing, informatization is first stop for transformation of most enterprises. From access control to production management, all elements are inseparable from each other. from informatization building. For Huizhi IoT, which has been actively involved in manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, it is necessary to pay attention to informatization building of traditional manufacturing industry in order to avoid following pitfalls.

Haberdashery: a guide to avoiding mistakes when building informatization of traditional production
1. The construction of informatization cannot be completed only by purchase of equipment and software.

This should be an issue that many companies can ignore. They think that buying some hardware + software can complete information building of enterprise. Based on previous experience, informatization is a long-term and systematic process. Personnel, document management, OD, finance, conference travel management, production management, warehousing and transportation, sales, etc. all need informatization, but this demand is personalized, what does that mean? That is, basis of each enterprise is different, and education, age, and industry of each company's personnel are different. The simple time attendance system has different needs and conditions for use of different enterprises. Therefore, to fully understand company The informatization basis and business form of company is very important, which is very important for plan to build an informatization company. Most of reasons for failure of transformation is that they cannot be implemented. It takes a lot of time and energy to research and generalize.

2. Building informatization is not only a matter for IT department

As mentioned above, complexity of informatization foundation requires a higher level of management and organizational structure to solve it. Then it is determined that informatization is not business of IT department, and it is necessary to mobilize forces of entire company to complete basic informatization research, formulate a strategy, procurement selection, system training, trial operation, optimization review and other references, there are too many resources that need to be coordinated from top to bottom, and all of them need full support at highest level. It is also necessary to establish a separate department led by highest level to carry out implementation .

Haberdashery: a guide to avoiding mistakes when building informatization of traditional production
3. The information system is not useful, and process becomes more complicated

This is also one of most common problems that many traditional enterprises face in process of informatization modernization. After using informatization system, it seems more "troublesome" to draw up a system document. Now it is necessary to upload files to Huizhi Wulian's document management system-approval-distribution-read statistics-archiving data, which seems to take longer.

Haberdashery: a guide to avoiding mistakes when building informatization of traditional production

This is actually a misunderstanding. When an enterprise grows to a certain scale, it is very important to deal with document management issues. This is due to corporate compliance, document security, quality system and other issues. The department develops from a few people to hundreds of people cannot be managed by manpower alone. Smart document management should be done in a more efficient way. From relying on people to relying on systems management, there must be a process of transformation. After adaptation period is completed, we will find that previous time for various meetings and examination of documents will be completed by employees in their spare time. This not only controls document security volume problem, but also obtains relevant reading data in a timely manner, greatly improving effect of publicity and implementation.