June 08, 2023

What should traditional production pay attention to in quality management process?

For traditional manufacturing industry, quality management is one of main links in production management process in enterprises. With development of technology and technology, it has been difficult to make leaps and bounds in manufacturing process. Start implementing ISO International Advanced Quality Management System. The system covers planning, implementing, monitoring, correcting and improving whole process from identifying customer needs, design and development, production, inspection, sales and delivery. Typically, this is documented. The method becomes a requirement for internal workings of organization for quality management.

What should traditional production pay attention to in quality management process?

In practice, document control and management is a very strict system that has strict requirements and implementation standards for document release, viewing, distribution, borrowing, archiving, and other references. Then management and management of system documents Which references should what should pay attention to when monitoring? What aspects of document control program should take control measures and make clear rules. Let's briefly share precautions.

1. The stage of creating a file

In process of forming documents, effective measures should be taken to manage and control preparation, review, approval, release, marking (coding) and distribution of documents, and clear regulations should be made in policy documents.

Note: The purpose of document editing and approval control is to ensure that documents are drafted and approved by appropriate personnel to ensure validity of document content; those who need it get it.

2. The stage of using file

During use of documents, effective management and control measures should be taken to regularly review and revise documents, cancel and destroy original documents, and clear provisions should be made in policy documents.

Note: The purpose of controlling regular review and revision of documents is to ensure continued validity of content of documents; control preservation and archiving of originals to ensure that content of documents can be traced; control cancellation and disposal of documents to ensure use of documents Do not get confused in process and avoid using outdated documents by mistake.

3. Everything starts with reality

The document management program can also take effective measures to control receipt, copying and filing of original external documents, as well as language and translation of documents, based on actual situation of company. Due to different channels for production of external documents, to ensure that documents are received by those who need them and to prevent them from being received by others, measures should be taken to control their reception, copying and archiving of originals. .

Manage and control language and translation of documents to ensure that documents used by company are standardized and unified, their content is correct and meaningless, and easy and convenient to use.

What should traditional production pay attention to in quality management process?
Huizhi IoT ISO Document Management System

The Huizhi Wulian ISO file management system takes needs of manufacturing industry as a starting point, builds a centralized file management and collaboration platform, and uses mobile phones, corporate WeChat and other tools to realize unified reading and approval of files. , which reduces burden of collaboration caused by sharing data across locations, employees can ensure timeliness, consistency, and security of documents. The system features are as follows:

1. Connect to corporate WeChat, open access and other information systems, break information island, and realize unified data management.

2. A multi-purpose application that realizes file management, browsing, reading and other service requirements anytime, anywhere

3. Greatly improve efficiency of file management, implement quality management and file life cycle services.