June 12, 2023

In informatization process, quality improvement cannot do without document management.

Informatization is first stage of digitalization. For traditional manufacturing industries, informatization is a stage that enterprises must go through in process of transformation. The process of enterprise informatization can be conditionally divided into following stages:

Phase 1: Office electrification

Electrification refers to process of transforming daily manual and hard work of enterprises into machine labor in order to increase personal labor efficiency. This stage is a preparatory stage for a single application of information technology and launch of an enterprise. This is mainly manifested in single use of computers in office, finance, personnel and some production and operational links, such as financial computerization, factory automation and the preliminary use of information technologies such as CAD / CAM and MIS.

In informatization process, quality improvement cannot do without document management.
The second stage: informatization of business processes

Informatization refers to combining benefits of information technology and strengthening business processes through reorganization of enterprise management and managerial innovation. This stage is stage of implementation of informatization of enterprise, especially construction and application of network. Expand computer applications, encourage various types of enterprises to access Internet, install electronic mailboxes, encourage enterprises to use information network technologies to conduct business, and improve level of management. Widely perform process sorting and information building, such as ERP, MES, SCM, document management and other systems. This phase focuses on processes in organization, increasing organizational efficiency.

The third stage: digitalization of business and management

Use digital technology to integrate procurement, production, marketing, finance, human resources and other enterprise information, effectively plan, coordinate, monitor and control "information island" phenomenon, and form a value chain system, Realize business - process of enterprise in accordance with characteristics of "chain". Respond flexibly to changes in environment, continuously improve business processes, improve productivity comprehensively, and achieve sustainable competitiveness. It is a product of a combination of modern digital technologies and enterprise management.

In informatization process, quality improvement cannot do without document management.
Stage Four: Intelligent Business Solutions

Intelligence refers to ability to intelligently create and extract new knowledge based on existing knowledge of enterprise, which can be used in business decisions, day-to-day management of enterprise, etc. to form an autonomous organization, a self-learning and self-developing enterprise management system. At this stage, advanced ideas such as artificial intelligence and expert systems will be applied in field of enterprise management.

Management of informatization and document flow

Informatization cannot be completed in one go and requires constant investment. In process of informatization, document management has always remained a little-studied module. Especially with development of ISO quality system, document management has become an important part of an enterprise's quality system. As part of system, Huizhi Wulian ISO file management system takes needs of manufacturing industry as starting point, builds a centralized file management and collaboration platform, and realizes unified file reading and approval through mobile phones, corporate WeChat, etc., and easily frees up employees from different locations. The combined pressure caused by data sharing keeps documents timely, consistent, and secure.