June 13, 2023

The top 20 manufacturing industries performed brilliantly. What should traditional manufacturing industry pay attention to?

Recently, attention of whole country has been focused on convening of 20th National Congress of Communist Party of China and achievements we have made in past ten years. The data from all walks of life is very impressive, especially manufacturing industry, which increased from 16.98 trillion yuan in 2012 to 31.4 trillion yuan in 2021, and its global share increased from 22.5% to almost 30%, maintaining its status as world's largest producing country. We are going through transition from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing and have made great strides.

The top 20 manufacturing industries performed brilliantly. What should traditional manufacturing industry pay attention to?

When industry representatives praised great achievements of manufacturing industry, they also remained vigilant. We have long been in processing and manufacturing segment with lowest margins in global value chain. our manufacturing industry. The country also saw it. Hidden Dangers, Made in China 2025 Plan, and Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization are main initiatives to accelerate transformation of manufacturing industry. digitalization will become an important task in future, so transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to what?

1. Don't automate blindly

If technology and products of your enterprise are still at backward level of industry, do not carry out transformation and modernization on this basis. The first task to be solved is problem of process modernization and product modernization. Equipment and technology are both solutions problems. The same is true of machining. Products produced by old-fashioned forging machines and automated complex machines are clearly different. It is necessary to adapt to transition from personal experience to machine programs. organizational structure, company system processes, technical talent, etc. e.

The top 20 manufacturing industries performed brilliantly. What should traditional manufacturing industry pay attention to?
2. Do not blindly engage in informatization

Informatization is not just office computerization. The following sectors are involved:

A. Informatization infrastructure, mainly based on a computer room, server equipment and terminal equipment;

B. Building a software information system mainly based on production management system, ISO document management system, open access system, etc.;

C. Building an informational organizational structure focused on operation and maintenance of system, software development, etc.;

D. Building an information protection system based on information protection and emergency backup;

E. The creation of an information management group is mainly focused on senior managers responsible for informatization.

3. Don't go digital blindly

For many SMBs, one of biggest digital transformation challenges is data collection. As a rule, enterprises attach great importance to "first-class construction" in first place, and include a performance management system at production site. However, when used, they will find that collecting underlying data still requires a lot of manual input and is not really fundamental. carried out a digital upgrade. Network and informatization are basis. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, first step of transformation is very important. So what should we do?

Document management is basis of informatization

There are too many software systems and solutions for manufacturing industry. Information systems such as ERP, OA, CRM, MES, MDC, PDM, and PLM are systems that are urgently needed by businesses, but they are simple for everyone. to ignore most basic. Section: document management, basis of enterprise informatization actually begins with document management. With development of Internet, our needs for documents are becoming more and more diverse. Demonstration of our customers to customers at home, on business trips and at dinner table is possible. Documents, traditional paper documents cannot achieve this goal, and WeChat cannot realize document management in true sense, so what kind of document management system can solve these problems?

Huizhi Wulian ISO document management system takes needs of manufacturing industry as a starting point, builds a centralized document management and collaboration platform, and uses mobile phones, corporate WeChat and other means to realize unified reading and approval capabilities. Documents and simplicity. This reduces collaborative workload caused by sharing data across locations and ensures that documents are timely, consistent, and secure. In addition, many years of experienceimplementation enables Wisdom IoT to provide manufacturing industry with high-speed, flexible, and secure mobile access to documents and practical solutions such as upload, download, and print, helping businesses create services in a more timely, reliable, and cost-effective system.