June 22, 2023

Why can document management lead to quality improvement in ISO system?

In recent years, more and more companies are becoming ISO certified. Certified companies have received a lot of convenience in process of bidding, corporate advertising and product marketing. For manufacturing companies, ISO system is What ISO quality management system can offer our company? How can document management improve product quality?

  1. Promotes product quality and credibility.

Consumers and subsequent manufacturing plants attach great importance to quality and brand of manufacturing plants. If quality must be maintained at a high level for a long time and stably, level of enterprise management is relatively high. Businesses that have passed ISO system certification must pass. The ISO document control system can carry out standardized and continuous management of all links in production to ensure long-term and stable product quality and market reputation.

Why can document management lead to quality improvement in ISO system?

2. Document management increases revenue

How to increase yield is an important task for all manufacturing enterprises. If product quality is not good enough, it will directly lead to high production cost. Analyzing and managing production data files can help businesses reduce production volume. error rates and rework rates are significant Reducing waste is a very important means of increasing yield.

3. Rapid improvement in enterprise management

Through ISO system, enterprises can get scientific management methods such as document management, process management, data analysis and continuous improvement. After practical application, enterprise management effect will be more effective.

4. Identify a favorable way to improve product

The needs and expectations of market are constantly changing, which forces our enterprises to constantly improve products to meet growing needs, and requirements for a quality management system provide enterprises with an effective way to improve products and processes, workflow. This is one of most basic sections along way. .

5. Increasing competitiveness in market

Competition will be quite fierce in industry market. Price, quality, brand, and qualifications are all factors influencing a purchase decision. With same price and quality, users will definitely choose companies with ISO quality management systems.

6. Improve corporate brand image and product sales

During marketing process, customers tend to buy reliable quality products. Most users recognize quality stability provided by ISO system, which naturally also helps to increase product sales.

Huizhi Wulian ISO File Management System

The Huizhi Wulian ISO file management system takes needs of manufacturing industry as a starting point, builds a centralized file management and collaboration platform, and uses mobile phones, corporate WeChat and other tools to realize unified reading and approval of files. , which reduces burden on employees caused by sharing data across locations, so employees can ensure that documents are timely, consistent, and secure. In addition, years of implementation experience enables Wisdom IoT to provide the manufacturing industry with high-speed, flexible, and secure mobile access to documents and practical solutions such as upload, download, and print, helping businesses create services in a more timely, reliable, and cost-effective system.

Why can document management lead to quality improvement in ISO system?

1. System integration, creation of an exclusive platform for corporate files

Huizhi Wulian ISO document management system has strong system integration capabilities, which can be connected to internal enterprise systems WeChat, OA, ERP, CRM and other systems, and support other production tools and software, making full use of existing resources. circumstances, go through all links to realize unified data management.

2. Portable and easy to use, meeting a variety of needs

Whether employees of enterprise have professional technical ability or not, they can easily use Huizhi IoT ISO document management system. Facing various office scenarios, from office to workshop, system provides users with portable application services that can be used on mobile phones and computers to meet different usage needs.

3. Improving Efficiency and Delivering Full Lifecycle Services

Huizhi Wulian ISO Document Management System can accompany entire process of a production project, providing users with services covering entire life cycle of documents, such as document loading, approval, storage, content, control, transmission, local access and distribution. , Increase speed of opening and reading documents, and improve the efficiency of document management and communication.