June 21, 2023

Huizhi IoT analyzes difference between informatization and digitalization, and file management cannot be ignored

At present, term "digitalization" has become overwhelming and has become hottest topic in fields of economics, technology and so on. All sectors of society and even country attach great importance to this and actively promote it, which can be called a national strategy. Informatization, often mentioned together with digitalization, are two concepts that are easy to confuse. Many say that informatization is basis, and digitalization is future form, so what is difference between them?

1. Informatization is not same as digitization.

Informatization emphasizes centralized management, and serves more for management analysis and decision making, which is convenient for management and use. For example, many companies have built a command center cabin, large call screens, large monitoring screens, and so on. Digitization emphasizes decentralization so that everyone knows what to do. All this shows that informatization provides only a reference, and digitalization can provide decision-making, indicate action and empower everyone.

Huizhi IoT analyzes difference between informatization and digitalization, and file management cannot be ignored

2. Implementation methods are different.

The starting point of an enterprise IT system is a process, and data is only considered as input/output of process; in digital industrial application, meaning of data has changed from initial input / output of process to direct control of operation and production of enterprise and management. The data is main part, and process is auxiliary. Of course, this requires enterprises to create a data-driven corporate culture and organization to move to a higher level of management.

3. Various degrees of integration.

Information Two skins, oil and water separated, this is a drink with a digital formula, a mixture. At information stage, production technologies, automation technologies, information technologies and communication technologies can also be distinguished; in digital stage, industrialization, automation, informatization and intelligence are integrated, and it is difficult to clearly distinguish them. The process of integration is digitalization.

4. The role of data is different.

In terms of data, during past informatization there was a lot of data, but data was scattered across different systems, it was not connected, and value of data was not really considered. Digitization really sees "data" as "assets". If an enterprise cannot do business without an information system, it can be said that it is truly informatized, and when it can make more profit or increase efficiency of enterprise through "data assets", it can be said that it is truly informatized. .

5. The scope is different.

Informatization is mostly a single department application and is rarely integrated and integrated across departments. Its value in use is reflected in increased work efficiency. Digitization is about digitally connecting all company workflows, breaking down walls between departments and data information, complete cross-departmental system communication and data interconnection, integrating data across entire value chain, enabling business, and generating accurate insights for decision making.

Huizhi IoT analyzes difference between informatization and digitalization, and file management cannot be ignored

6. The effect is different.

Informatization has changed efficiency of enterprise, but enterprise has remained same enterprise; digitalization has changed business model of an enterprise and changed way and means of earning money. Of course, digitalization can also affect upstream and downstream flows, improve efficiency of production chain, and stimulate entire ecology.

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