November 10, 2023

What does FAQ contain?

The FAQ page is also called FAQ page and can help answer common customer questions about your products and services. The FAQ page can provide customers with service support throughout procurement process, reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency.

How can a good FAQ page help my SEO?

Creating questions and answers using most common traffic search terms can also help your site rank higher in those search terms as your content is now more relevant. If your questions and answers are closely related to a particular search result, your FAQ may be ranked zero in Google search results. For example, I search on my computer, on my phone, and then by voice: What vaccinations does my dog ​​need? The answers in summary table are not from pet health journals or veterinary medical associations, but from catteries that provide clear and concise answers. This answer is easy to read on both desktop and mobile screens. In a voice search, Google will read last sentence of summary text aloud and mention company name. Google doesn't explain exactly how it selects snippets, but following your FAQ page and site formatting best practices will increase your chances of improving your FAQ rankings. If you'd like to learn more about skills, check out our blog post including five ranking strategies for picking snippets.

How to write a good FAQ page?

Before you create an effective FAQ page, answer these questions first.

1. What keywords are customers looking for?

Use analytics dashboard to see how people find your site in search results. If you have a new business, you can research keywords using Baidu index or other search engines.

2. What content is on a competitor's FAQ page?

See what questions and answers they include and what keywords they focus on, but be aware that they may not optimize their FAQ pages. Use keyword analysis tool (see above) to determine if they are suitable. If necessary, you can include similar content (but not too similar). If it doesn't fit, remove keyword.

3. Does your question match way clients write or ask questions?

Try typing your questions into browser's search bar to see how people type them. Then ask your mobile device or digital assistant to hear what problems might arise. Then, write down your frequently asked questions and answers in simple, clear sentences that look best on a mobile or desktop screen.. Now read it out loud. If they sound weird or confusing, rewrite them until you can imagine Siri reading them.

4. Is your FAQ page well designed?

If you have more than one type of question about shipping, service, product, etc., group FAQs into categories. Use carefully chosen keywords in meta tags of page. Include relevant links to products or services mentioned in FAQ. Add contact information so that those who can't find answer they're looking for can ask you a question directly, then close FAQ with a call to action, such as start shopping now, book now, or contact us. Interested in learning more about creating a website that will help your new business grow? Make sure your website includes these essentials.

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What does FAQ contain?
What does FAQ contain?

Benefits of creating reference documents:
  • Reduce labor, use and create a help center that is easy to manage and access over web without buying hardware and software or hiring IT staff. .Created an online help center to reduce after-sales pressure and reduce amount of online customer support.
  • Improve user satisfaction and customer service with a language library. When support staff is at front desk, they can directly use answers from knowledge base to answer visitors' questions and improve efficiency. All-weather intelligent Q&A assistant can provide 24/7 undifferentiated service.
  • Improve organizational efficiency, store knowledge efficiently, and help accelerate dissemination of information and knowledge within enterprise, and enable knowledge sharing within organization. Improve efficiency of internal work and at same time provide support for subsequent iterative product updates.
  • Increasing ranking in SERP is useful for product promotion. When someone searches for content related to your product, they can find out about it through your help center, which helps promote your brand.