November 06, 2023

What problems can a help center help businesses solve?

A help center is a resource a company provides on a website, app, or other digital channel to help customers solve problems, answer frequently asked questions, and provide support. A well-established help center can bring many benefits to a business, including increased customer loyalty, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced customer support costs, among other things.

Problems that help center can help companies solve Increase customer loyalty

A well-organized help center can demonstrate to customers company's attention and care for customers and increase their loyalty. If customers have problems using products or services, they can always seek help through help center, which allows you to earn customer trust and respect for enterprise. When customers feel their issues are being addressed and responded to in a timely manner, they are more likely to remain loyal to business.

Satisfaction increase

A well-functioning help center improves customer satisfaction. When customers encounter problems with a product or service, they can find a solution through help center without waiting for a response from customer support. This self-service approach can help customers get help quickly and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, customers are satisfied when help center provides clear and understandable documentation and explanations.

Reduce customer support costs

A well-functioning help center can reduce your customer support costs. If customers can solve problems themselves using a help center, then companies do not need to provide human support for every customer problem. This reduces burden on customer support teams and lowers customer support costs. In addition, help center can help customers find answers faster, reducing customer support time and costs.

Improve customer support efficiency

A well-functioning help center can improve efficiency of your customer support service. Customers can resolve issues themselves through Help Center, which means customer support teams can resolve issues that require human intervention more quickly. In addition, if help center provides clear documentation and explanations, customers can find answers faster, reducing customer support time and costs.

Provide best user experience

A well-developed help center provides a user-friendly experience. If customers can easily find information they need, they will be more likely to use company's products or services. In addition, customers will prefer to use your product or service if help center provides clear and understandable documentation and explanations.

Improve brand reputation

A well-functioning help centercan improve your brand reputation. Customers will respect a business more if it provides clear, understandable documentation and explanations. In addition, if a company can solve customer problems in a timely manner, customers will trust company more. All of these factors can improve a brand's reputation for an enterprise.

Create an online help center. I recommend - in assembly help center:
  1. The workflow must be clearly described and phases of product functions must be well understood, and changes in use of each function after update must be clearly described;
  2. What clients most want to know in a white paper is work steps, try using text + images or video to demonstrate;
  3. Important questions, important treatment, think about what users are most concerned about and what are complex business processes in this module, and think about how to give most complete explanation with least amount of words;
  4. The template should be unified, it is best to use a unified template and add your logo and company name, there are many beautiful templates, focus is on how best to use them;
  5. FAQs and Popular Questions should be listed separately so that users can resolve them directly.
Benefits of Help Center Builder:

This is an internal tool for creating web help documents based on web applications. It is very handy for businesses that can create online product guides, FAQs, help centers, knowledge bases, and employee training guides. This can be done at any time. The editors update publications from time to time. Employees can have a clearer understanding of products, and users can understand products before and after sale faster and more conveniently.

  1. In terms of operation: there is no need to build a document frame in operation (each theme has a corresponding display frame, and now there are 15 themes for help document scene), it can be used by opening a browser, and you do not know programming and design. If you know how to use Word, you can easily edit documents, edit, update and publish at any time. Maintenance costs are low and customers can view them easily with one click.
  2. External display: various external display themes to support adapt to mobile phone, you can switch and change colors at will, support adding page footers and independent domain names...
  3. Details: Contains many useful plugins, including global search, user feedback, article guide, help site statistics, site navigation...
  4. Editor: rich rich text + Markdown make editing easier (supports uploading videos, images and files)

In short, a well-established help center can help businesses increase customer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction, reduce customer support costs, improve customer support efficiency, improve user experience, and improve brand reputation. These benefits can help businesses achieve better results in a highly competitive market.