November 01, 2023

How to write a manual for use of tool products?

The tool operation manual is mainly used to provide users with detailed instructions on how to use product, to help users better understand and master how to use product, thereby making it easier to use product and improve user satisfaction.

Specific applications include:
  1. Improve user efficiency. The instruction manual contains detailed instructions on how to use product, helping users quickly master product, improve efficiency, and save time and effort.
  2. Reduce user errors. The operation manual details usage steps and precautions to help users avoid mistakes and reduce unnecessary losses caused by incorrect operations.
  3. Improve ease of use of product: The instruction manual provides detailed instructions on how to use product, helping users to better understand and master how to use product, as well as improve ease of use of product and user satisfaction.
  4. Reduce product support costs. By providing instruction manuals, users can solve some common problems themselves and reduce number of consultations with customer support, thereby reducing product support costs. To summarize, tool-type operation manual has a wide range of applications, which can help enterprises improve user experience of products, improve user satisfaction, reduce support costs, and thus improve competitiveness of enterprises.
A tool type product manufacturing guide may consist of following steps:
  1. Specify target user. First of all, you need to determine who your target user is, their skill level, knowledge level and use cases, among other information.
  2. Analysis of product characteristics. Analyze product features and functions to determine which are most important and most commonly used.
  3. Define steps. According to characteristics and functions of product, define operation steps and provide as detailed a description of steps as possible.
  4. Write a manual: according to defined steps, write an operation manual, which should be concise and clear, easy to understand and operate.
  5. Add images and videos. To better explain work steps, you can add images and videos to make explanation easier.
  6. Test guide. After writing guide, test it to make sure steps in guide are correct and easy to understand and use.
  7. Revise manual. If during testproblems are found in manual, manual should be reviewed in a timely manner to ensure its accuracy and effectiveness.
  8. Publish guide. Finally, post manual on product's official website, social media and other channels, so that users can easily get manual and use product.
Selection of practical tools

Recommend is a simple AI-powered SaaS document authoring tool. In addition to helping companies build a SaaS knowledge base, you can also create online help centers, guides, FAQs, API docs, product guides to help companies. Implement internal knowledge collaboration and website content management to promote external products. How to write a manual for use of tool products?

Product Benefits

A good help center tool should be easy to use for in-house builders and user-friendly for external customers (the key point is that external help center looks good). In terms of product benefits, I have summarized following 4 points.

  1. In terms of operation: there is no need to build a document frame in operation (each theme has a corresponding display frame, and now there are 15 themes for help document scene), it can be used by opening a browser, and you do not know programming and design. If you know how to use Word, you can easily edit documents, edit, update and publish at any time. Maintenance costs are low and customers can view them easily with one click.
  2. External display: various external display themes to support adapt to mobile phone, you can switch and change colors at will, support adding page footers and independent domain names...
  3. Details: Contains many useful plugins, including global search, user feedback, article guide, help site statistics, site navigation...
  4. Editor: rich rich text + Markdown make editing easier (supports uploading videos, images and files)

How to write a manual for use of tool products?