October 27, 2023

Great FAQ examples and FAQ page creation skills

Although Q&A design of web page is more human and efficient, judging by actual usage and preferences of customers, more and more people prefer self-service. The data shows that about 67% of respondents would prioritize self-service, and 91% of customers used help center to solve problems. It can be seen that design and structure of a help center or FAQ page has a direct impact on customer's experience of using a website. So, in this article, you will find great answers to frequently asked questions and some tips for creating FAQ pages. Great FAQ examples and FAQ page creation skills

Why Create a FAQ Page

FAQ pages are a customer service tactic to save time and provide current or potential customers with most frequently asked questions and answers. The benefits of a product FAQ page are summarized as follows:

  • Save users time and improve service efficiency. FAQ pages can save time not only for customers but also for employees. Having an FAQ page ensures that customers don't have to wait hours for simple answers, and employees don't have to answer all their questions individually.
  • Dissolve users' doubts about purchase and increase sales: Inform users about problems they may encounter before and after purchase, and inform users in short and clear words, which can effectively eliminate customer anxiety and doubt before buying, thereby improving sales.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency. By customizing product FAQ page without compromising customer experience, you can effectively reduce configuration of customer service staff and reduce labor costs.
  • Increase SEO weight of whole site and increase its popularity on web: The keywords and short sentences contained on product FAQ page are very popular with search robots, and weight of FAQ page can be improved with a little optimization. When users search for similar products, they are more likely to see your site.
  • FAQ Page Creation Skills 1. Write a Short Page

    More on FAQ page is an error. Too many words can lead to confusion, forcing readers to look for answers they need. When giving answers, it is better to be direct, concise, and clear than to write long, persuasive paragraphs.

    2. Update every page regularly

    It is important that answer page for each of your frequently asked questions is always accurate. As your organization faces product releases and updates, your FAQ page should also reflect these changes. This means that your team must constantly review each page and revise it after launch of a new feature.

    3. Add a search bar

    While it's helpful to list all FAQs on one page, or link to them from landing page, this dense format can be overwhelming for many customers. Many times, customers will have a question on FAQ page and have to scroll through dozens or hundreds of other questions to find their problem. If they have access to search bar, they can easily find their question or related keyyour words to save time.

    4. Organize questions by category

    All that might seem boring is a random list of all questions. This is especially frustrating for clients who have multiple posts on same topic. Therefore, it would be very helpful to break down question into general topics such as product, security, and billing.

    5. Link to most important questions

    It's best to list categories on landing page in FAQ section. However, some questions may be more popular than others. To save customers even more time, these popular questions should have their own section with links to answers at top of FAQ page. This way you can keep taxonomy organized and make most frequently asked questions more accessible.

    6. Stick to basic formatting and simple design

    You might want to decorate your FAQ page with fun colors, themes, or humor. They may be effective depending on your organization and brand, but customers won't accept your FAQ pages. In general, it's best to stick to basic formatting and a simple design for quick access and easy reading. These tips can give you structure when creating your own FAQ page. For more guidance on design process, check out following examples of companies creating successful FAQ pages.

    Sample FAQ Page

    The CBiBankFAQ page is a common online help method on website. An excellent FAQ page makes it easy for visitors and users to find answers to their questions. CBiBank expertly customizes product FAQ page to help users resolve usage issues quickly while highlighting key information, guiding users, and encouraging consumption. Great FAQ examples and FAQ page creation skills
Help me, FAQ author, create my own blog sharing page, share useful software in daily life, and work with majority of users through Internet platform, and expand my influence on network! Great FAQ examples and FAQ page creation skills
Yuntu System FAQ Knowledge Base Yuntu has created an online FAQ section, which puts common and worrying questions in process of using product on help page to quickly dispel doubts about the product, and can help users promote consumption while optimizing interaction with user. Great FAQ examples and FAQ page creation skills
After reading above FAQ cases, do you want to create your own FAQ page? They are both made using FAQ pages. It is an internal web-based help document creation tool designed to help businesses create internal documents, product manuals, FAQs, help centers, knowledge bases, etc. that can be edited and updated at any time. Let users understand products before and after the sale faster and more conveniently. Great FAQ examples and FAQ page creation skills