October 21, 2023

The importance of customer experience and close relationship between enterprise development

In recent years, with acceleration of digital transformation of enterprises, more and more attention has been paid to importance of customer service. The quality of customer service not only directly affects customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also indirectly affects company's brand reputation and competitiveness in market. However, many companies in market today are building platforms for their help centers with a focus on app features and technology innovation, but no focus on optimizing customer experience.

Against this background, as a help center platform specifically optimized for corporate customer service, it has made a great practical contribution to improving customer experience. In this article, we will discuss benefits and characteristics of this platform in terms of customer experience, and discuss how to increase competitiveness of enterprises by improving customer experience from aspects such as self-service, work order management, and help center building.

The platform has ability to create two-way customization at same time. With a one-time design, enterprises can implement same set of help centers across multiple ports such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets, thereby greatly improving customer experience consistency and unity.

The importance of customer experience and close relationship between enterprise development

How to optimize customer experience,

With help of platform, enterprises can easily create an ideal help center and provide a high quality customer experience. In terms of customer experience, following will combine self-service and help center creation to discuss how to optimize customer experience.


For customers, best service is to solve problems on their own, and not with help of customer support. Therefore, self-service has become an important part of customer service. The platform provides many self-service features, such as FAQ pages, online documents, help centers, etc. These features allow customers to solve problems on their own, reduce customer service costs, and reduce customer waiting times, thereby increasing number of customers. satisfaction. When using self-service, businesses need to pay attention to following two points:

  • Provide self-service tools that are easy to understand and use for customers, avoiding technical or complex expressions or instructions.
  • Update self-service content in a timely manner, add elements that keep up with times, and constantly optimize self-service content based on customer feedback.
  • Building Help Center

    A complete help center can not only help customers better understand a company's products or services, but also provide solutions to some common problems, thereby reducing customer service costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The platform provides many features and templates for creating a help center, such as a document system, knowledge base, online tutorials, FAQs, and enterprises can choose flexibly to create their own help center according to their needs. At same time, for users at different stages, platform also supports personalized help center customization to better meet customer needs. When using help center building, businesses need to pay attention to following two points:

  • Provide a good search function so that customers can quickly find information they need.
  • Update and update help center content in a timely manner, and improve collection and processing of user feedback to provide a foundation for continuous improvement in customer experience.
  • Conclusion

    As an enterprise help center platform, it not only has characteristics of fast creation, two-way customization, independent permission setting, etc., but also pays attention to customer experience optimization. Through self-service, help center building and other aspects, platform has greatly improved customer experience and increased competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, when choosing an enterprise help center to build a platform, it is recommended that enterprises pay more attention and optimize customer experience in technological innovation.