October 18, 2023

How to make a knowledge base website

With rapid development of economy and information technology, knowledge resources have become very important intangible assets of enterprises. At present, core competitiveness of an enterprise depends not only on production factors such as hardware, financial strength, resources, and number of personnel, but also depends on enterprise's skill, application, inheritance, and innovation of knowledge. Creating a corporate knowledge base, inheriting valuable knowledge of enterprise and improving operational efficiency of enterprise is one of important means of increasing competitiveness of enterprise. So how do you make a knowledge base website? How to make a knowledge base website

There are six steps to building an effective knowledge base: 1. Instantly update knowledge base.
  • Select a knowledge base manager who should own entire life cycle of knowledge base (from defining solutions to regularly updating knowledge base).
  • Contribution to knowledge base is one of key metrics for evaluating work of a technician.
  • 2. Create a knowledge base
  • Categorize knowledge base articles according to nature of various user questions, which is convenient for users.
  • Use pre-made templates to ensure consistency between information and design.
  • 3. Define approval process
  • Ensure trustworthiness of knowledge base content by implementing an approval process. For example, this process: Technician→Solution Expert→Knowledge Manager.
  • When solution is approved, send it to end user.
  • 4. Improve Search Performance
  • Tag knowledge base articles with appropriate keywords to achieve optimal knowledge base search performance and improve user satisfaction.
  • Separate each article by topic and structure will be clear.
  • 5. Set access to role-based search
  • Organize and classify knowledge base and provide access functionality based on user roles.
  • Set up professional technical solutions only available to technicians to improve work efficiency.
  • 6. Managing Knowledge Base Articles
  • Ensure that technicians can restore updated articles to earlier versions if necessary, thereby maintaining flexibility in updating knowledge base content.
  • Regularly back up knowledge base and update contents of knowledge base regularly.
  • Keep abreast of knowledge base performance by viewing periodic knowledge base performance and usage reports.
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Knowledge base example How to make a knowledge base website
How to make a knowledge base website