October 20, 2023

What factors should be considered when creating a quality FAQ page?

As an indispensable knowledge base for today's businesses, FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) is an authoritative place that centrally provides users with important information to query and resolve problems. If you offer a great product or service on your website, many customers will find answers to their questions by visiting the FAQ page. When designing and building a high-quality FAQ page, there are several key factors that can help improve its usability and user experience. What factors should be considered when creating a quality FAQ page?

Understand user needs

First and foremost, first step in developing a quality FAQ page is to clarify customer's questions and needs. According to your positioning, target audience, product features, etc., you should conduct surveys and research to understand most common customer problems and understand what problems customers want to solve with a FAQ page. It's amazing to think of an FAQ page as part of a website's interaction design, where design principles need to be clearly established and followed: understanding your users is a very important design job.

Classification questions

FAQ questions are best categorized by topic or topic so that users can quickly find answers they need. For example, you can categorize products or services provided by a company, or you can display FAQs and special cases separately. When choosing name and order of each category, you should start from perspective of customer usage and understanding and imagine how they will find answer. If possible, you can use card design commonly used for category filtering, which allows audience to quickly sift through information and categorize it clearly.

format response

When answering questions, be as direct as possible, use simple, clear language, and avoid jargon. At same time, try to control number of words as much as possible so that answers are concise and understandable quickly. On FAQ page of your website, you can add some tables, lists, or graphics to help users better organize and understand content.

Search field and tabs

In order to remind customers of existence of FAQ page and allow them to find answers they need faster, it is best to provide tools such as search fields and tags. For example, enter keyword "invoice" in search field and FA page will display all relevant questions and answers containing that keyword. Labels are also a good classification tool. By tagging multiple related issues with same label, it's easier for customers to show related content.

Stay tuned

The FAQ page should be kept up to date with new questions and answers and deleting outdated content to keep information current and accurate. Outdated questions and answers can make pages cluttered and difficult to use.

Style design

A good FAQ page should also have good visual design, including fonts, colors, icons, layout, etc., to give users a better browsing experience. You can use a simple and clean design style, as well as reasonable white space and separators.lines to make page clearer, easier to understand, and easier to use. For example, place each question and answer in a separate area, or use color or shape to highlight key elements.

User reviews

Finally, don't forget to provide your customers with a reliable feedback channel so they can send you questions, suggestions, and feedback they need to resolve issues. By studying, collecting and responding to user feedback in a timely manner, you can improve performance of your pages and effectively meet user needs.


For today's business, FAQ page is one of main entry points for technical support and service questions. Creating a high-quality FAQ page requires many factors to be taken into account, including understanding user needs, classifying questions, formatting answers, providing tools such as search boxes and tags, updating recent answers, style design, and user feedback. Only in this way can we provide customers with more comprehensive and efficient services.