October 25, 2023

How to create a help center so that it really helps customers solve problems?

Before that, let's take a look at benefits of creating a help center. The role of help center
  1. Users visiting help center to search for answers on their own will greatly reduce burden on customer after-sales service, and self-learning can increase users' interest in learning and deepen their understanding of products.
  2. As a product knowledge base, help center provides training materials for new hires that can reduce training burden and shorten learning cycle. Customer service is learning from product help center to make responses more unified and professional.
  3. The Help Center is an intelligent assistant that can provide indiscriminate services around clock.
  4. The Help Center includes a product introduction, manual, new updates, and other sections that are convenient for promoting a product's brand.
  5. It's convenient for customer service to improve personal experiences. When faced with same problem, help center can look for answers that have been solved by others, which is handy for quickly resolving customer issues.
Having understood benefits of creating a help center, more people should be determined to create a help center. Then next step is to discuss question of "how to design a help center that satisfies you and meets needs of customers", which everyone cares about most. How to Write a Good Help Center is a professional help guide creation cloud platform, providing a professional-level help center, FAQ, knowledge base, API documentation, product guide creation services for teams and enterprises. Explain how to make seven-point reference documents for users. Below is a list of top 9 tips to help businesses create a simple and functional self-service help center. 1. Goal setting When starting to build a self-service help center, companies need to be clear about what is main goal of creating such a platform? What topics should be covered? Where is company's target audience? After thinking through these questions and creating a help center, you need to include following principles:
  1. Comprehensive
  2. Content is valuable
  3. Simple and clear interface
2. Enrich content with graphics and text One of main purposes of embedding work-related videos and images is to help users absorb content faster. This presentation is more interactive and attractive. How-to videos are better for explaining to customers how to use product. Therefore, they are necessary to ensure fast and high-quality customer self-service. 3. Explain problem in simple and understandable language. The purpose of self-service help center enterprise is to help users solve problems in using product more conveniently. Try not to use professional terms, but use 3w1h or 5w1h in simple and precise terms. At same time, pay attention to form for submitting questions on help page! 4. Create a unified and concise display template. By using fonts appropriate for enterprise's products and related themes, make sure beauty of page is preserved at its best. At same time, we should also pay attention to principle of consistency in page display, which will inevitably improve user retention rate and play role of user self-help help center! 5. Multi-terminal friendly display The growth rate of mobile users is obvious. Therefore, it is important for businesses not to ignore mobile devices when building a user self-service help center. Compatibility with a variety of devices is required, including tablets, laptops, and most importantly, mobile devices. In fact, Capterra has confirmed that 60% of customers prefer companies that offer self-service mobile devices. 6. Support precise search The precise search function is very important for user reference documents, so it is recommended to use global search method. 7. The structured catalog classifies and displays contents of user's reference document, which not only facilitates user's reference, but also allows product information to be stored in an orderly manner. Eight, easy operation, ease of real-time change. With product updates and an increase in user groups, contents of user self-service help center must be constantly updated and optimized! This requires help center tool to be easily edited and modified. 9. Monitor performance and gather feedback Once a help center has been established, it is important to monitor its performance from very beginning. Track number of requests created, number of issues resolved, and compareReport number of issues resolved through help portal and customer support center. This will give you a clear idea of ​​how help portal works. At same time, we need to add a window for feedback about problem and recovery in help center.