October 29, 2023

How to achieve 24/7 customer service

Many companies want to provide round-the-clock customer service without increasing their staff. So is there a way to implement this idea? Before we come up with a solution, let's talk about role of customer service. The role of customer service is mainly in following two points:

  1. Help users understand product faster (reduce difficulty of getting started with product, such as answering users how to use xxx function)
  2. Matching needs (when choosing a product, many users first ask if product meets demand before moving on to a detailed experience. This situation is most obvious when choosing an enterprise model)

According to role of customer service mentioned above, we can come up with a solution: in order to do a good customer service job online, in addition to improving use and understanding of products, you can help by creating a product knowledge base The company provides round-the-clock customer service. How to achieve 24/7 customer service

What is a product knowledge base

The Product Knowledge Base is a single repository of information about product transactions, introductory information, etc., as well as an ATM for information retrieval. In addition to being saved, it is more important to be used. Quick and convenient inquiry, retrieval, real-time customer service assistance, online training, promotion and application, unified speech script, etc. The product knowledge base is also a tool to improve service efficiency and quality. It can not only show internal customer service, but also provide users with a good self-service platform. At same time, it provides an efficient database for future. machine intelligent customer service online, which is just a great way to control labor costs. A good hand.

Product knowledge base benefits
  • Create frequently asked questions in knowledge base. When a customer asks such a question, helpdesk can send user a link to question, which saves time.
  • Users access product knowledge base and explore on their own. By reducing burden on online customer support, they can resolve usage doubts faster and improve user experience.
  • Customer support can make responses more consistent and professional by learning about product knowledge base.
  • When training employees, a product knowledge base is a very good learning material.
  • How to create an effective product knowledge base

    A good knowledge base can help employees be more productive: By moving questions to knowledge base in Q&A form, your customers can easily get their questions answered, freeing up staff time to process really important questions. Having understood importance of a knowledge base, do you want to create it right now? But before that, let's see how to create an effective knowledge base.

  • Ease of Access
  • Organized and easy to navigate
  • Can really solve common problems.
  • Save your customers time
  • Update content
  • The correct process for building a knowledge base:

    1. Define audience viewing knowledge base (external or internal?)
    2. Understand structure of knowledge base articles (if it's internal, you need beginner's guides, FAQs, performance issues, product updates)
    3. Write knowledge base articles in form of one question and one answer (without using technical terms in local language).
    4. Images and texts combined with universal images and videos are more understandable.
    5. Provide a useful search function.
    6. Provide a feedback box for users to analyze and improve your articles.
    7. Update content of knowledge base in time
    A tool for creating product knowledge bases

    It is recommended to create a product knowledge base here. It is an online tool for creating a product knowledge base. It not only provides a useful knowledge sorting platform for product side, but also provides a high-quality knowledge publishing platform. The content of document will be automatically converted to a website by setting >URL link can be retrieved, which is convenient for internal employees and customers to view online and helps them understand product. How to achieve 24/7 customer service