November 05, 2023

The Role and Solution of Online Help Center for Enterprises

The importance of a help center for an online product is obvious. With constant improvement of company's customer service level, more and more companies are gradually paying attention to customer service. A good Online Help Center will definitely increase your customers' conversion rate. So what are benefits and features of Online Help Center for Businesses?

Role of online help center 1. Quick link

An online help center allows user to be reminded that a message is blinking like a QQ, saying goodbye to user loss caused by a user's late response to a message. Support one-click quick login and quick response to exit, improve customer service efficiency. Frequently used response languages ​​are edited in material library in advance, and data in material library must be called directly.

2. Multi-channel access

The online help center will use websites, public accounts, applets, apps, Weibo, email. Our media and other channels are connected to background for unified control, so customer service personnel do not need to frequently change background control to respond to informational content. Customer information is requested in time, and a communication bridge is quickly established with various information to make conversation convenient, convenient and fast. Customer service staff can also initiate targeted conversations with visitor information. This greatly reduces redundant workflows, improves work efficiency, reduces time customers spend waiting for responses, and improves user experience.

3. Manage groups of client shortcuts

The online help center can set personal shortcuts for each user according to information received in conversation and manage them in groups according to shortcuts. Automatically identify visitors by different tags and use targeted marketing strategies for different user groups to help companies adjust promotion strategies, analyze and evaluate user needs, and then conduct accurate marketing to increase likelihood of customer transformation.

4. Automatic quality check to improve quality of service

The Online Help Center may conduct automated quality checks and evaluations of customer service personnel. The support staff works with a large number of customers on a daily basis. The system checks quality of customer service calls in real time, reminds customer service staff to resolve issues in a timely manner, and saves links for manual quality control. Through quality inspection report, managers can also clearly understand performance quality of each customer service staff and monitor enterprise. Marketing promotion is very convenient, but also reduces burden on quality inspectors.

Look at help center from point of view of customers

Customers will randomly contact support through different channels and webpages, but typically need to wait for a response from support within a certain period of time. If waiting timeI long even if user finally gets right information. , for user whole consulting service experience is very poor. Thus, when users use intelligent self-service multi-channel access feature, they can quickly respond and resolve customer issues regardless of channel. After establishing an online help center, it will be possible to answer customer questions when there is no one at night, and this can also replace manual customer service. The situation where users want to spend night but cannot find customer service will also be greatly reduced.

Solutions from online help center

Currently, many internal help centers are still static documents, unable to update and modify content, and still want to display as much content as possible to users at once, ignoring page layout and visual comfort. center to play its original role, but instead becomes a burden. There are also some products that do not have official websites, so they can only be sold through WeChat and cannot provide product description documents to users, resulting in busy customer service and poor user experience. As saying goes, "If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools." You need a handy tool to get job done.

"", adhering to principle of simplicity and ease of use, constantly improving technology and developing new features, has become a software that helps companies create knowledge bases and help centers. It has many strengths, and one of most important advantages is its simplicity and ease of use, no need to learn programming, easy to get started, save a lot of time, if you want to create a help center, choose official theme, fill in questions yourself and fill out display , you can directly add a link to official website, users just click on link to go to help center interface and search for a solution. An online help center is a rich knowledge base that can help potential customers and even internal company employees. This not only improves user experience, but also creates a professional brand image and dispels consumer concerns about consumption.