November 09, 2023

Why create a FAQ? this article tells you

What is FAQ

From above introduction, you should also understand that FAQ is there to "solve problems". FAQ is an abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions in English. FAQs are currently main means of providing online help on Internet. By organizing some questions that users can ask in advance, they are displayed in form of questions and answers and published on website to provide consulting services to users. Why create a FAQ? this article tells you

Why create a FAQ

Many websites now have their own FAQs, which list some of common problems users encounter when using their own products/services, and exist as a form of online help. When users use product, they often encounter some seemingly simple problems that are difficult for users to solve, and if user's problems cannot be resolved in time, they may face risk of losing users. Therefore, purpose of creating a FAQ is to answer users' questions in simplest, most practical and effective way, and this is value of FAQ. A good FAQ system should answer at least 80% of common and frequently asked user questions.

Benefits of creating FAQs:
  • Provide user experience.
  • Reduce load on site employees.
  • Significant savings on customer service
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Maintain brand image
  • Therefore, a great website should pay attention to creating a FAQ.

    What should be included in FAQ

    FAQ content mainly includes two aspects: on one hand, at beginning of creation of site, answers are given about use of products, services, functions and purchase procedures, helping new visitors to site to register and understand purchase of products and services The process helps visitors to understand and familiarize yourself with website. This part of frequently asked questions should be included at initial stage of creating a website. On other hand, during operation of website, by summarizing feedback information from user messages, phone calls and emails, select appropriate and representative questions as FAQs. To complete your marketing work, you can also add leading questions and answers as FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a common customer question, so questions and answers that are designed should be frequently encountered and asked by customers.

    How to create FAQ documents

    Not only should you create FAQs, but more importantly, you should create good FAQs. Although content of FAQ document is easy to make, without right tool, created FAQ may not achieve expected effect, which also defeats purpose of FAQ itself. Thus, a prerequisite for creating a good FAQ document is choosing right tool to help you create FAQ documents quickly and efficiently.

    Use four steps to create FAQ documents

    Directly visit official website (, register and use it. Why create a FAQ? this article tells you