November 08, 2023

Create a help center to promote business development in SaaS industry.

SaaS industries need not only great products, but also good customer service. In long run, retaining existing users is more important than acquiring new customers. Currently, key to improving customer service is creating a help center. as a help center for users has now become a trend. Create a help center to promote business development in SaaS industry.

What is SaaS

SaaS is short for Software-as-a-Service, which means software as a service, that is, providing software services over a network. The SaaS platform provider uniformly hosts application software on its own server. Customers can order required application software services from manufacturer via Internet according to actual work needs, and pay manufacturer according to number of services ordered and And via Internet Get services provided by Saas platform providers .

What is Help Center

Help Center (also known as user manual, instruction manual, etc.) is content that a user of a product makes available to users to help them get started with product faster. With development of Internet, technology has gradually been integrated into our daily lives, and various software has penetrated into our lives, work and study. When user encounters software of product for first time, they are not familiar with usage method, functional characteristics, operation features, etc. At this time, reference documents come into play, software system is constantly updated. and repetitive, and users can also directly access help documents to view related content.

Pain points in SaaS industry

The importance of help center is clear for SaaS products with many work steps and fast iterations. As a customer service, O&M, and SaaS product management staff, do you often encounter following issues:

  • After helpdesk goes down, users have to wait until next day to resolve issues after work, resulting in a reduced reputation for products with bad user interfaces.
  • When answering post-sales questions, answer same question multiple times. There are many repeated questions in customer base every day, but we can only type and answer repeatedly, and work efficiency is low.
  • When a user asks a question about a more complex operation, we need to record a video and send it to user as WeChat, which takes a long time, and video will be compressed, and viewing effect is not good.
  • The lack of a professional product knowledge base makes customer service responses patchy and professional, which hurts brand image somewhat.
  • In order to maintain an efficient problem resolution rate, a large number of customer service personnel must be trained, resulting in high labor costs.
  • The Role of Help Center in SaaS Industry

    Product Help Center is intended to present users with all problems that users might haveencountered during use of product, in form of questions and answers (which can be understood as an electronic version of product manual). . The Help Center provides users with a fast self-help channel, which not only reduces burden on customer support, but also saves users time to troubleshoot, thus optimizing product's customer service. The following are product help center recommendations for SaaS industry:

  • Users visiting help center to search for answers on their own will greatly reduce burden on customer after-sales service, and self-learning can increase users' interest in learning and deepen their understanding of products.
  • As a product knowledge base, help center provides training materials for new hires that can reduce training burden and shorten learning cycle. Customer service is learning from product help center to make responses more unified and professional.
  • The Help Center is an intelligent assistant that can provide indiscriminate services around clock.
  • The Help Center includes a product introduction, manual, new updates, and other sections that are convenient for promoting a product's brand.
  • It's convenient for customer service to improve personal experiences. When faced with same problem, help center can look for answers that have been solved by others, which is handy for quickly resolving customer issues.
  • Help Center Builder

    This is an online tool for editing documents and sharing content. It not only provides users with an easy-to-use knowledge sorting platform, but also provides a high-quality knowledge publishing platform. The content of document will be automatically converted to website using setup. URL links can be accessed, which is convenient for customers to browse web, help them understand product, and provide a convenient experience for users. Create a help center to promote business development in SaaS industry.