June 27, 2023

Online document collaboration tool - the first step to work efficiency

The ongoing epidemic is having a significant impact on businesses, especially Internet industry, which has begun a "cold winter". In such an environment, cost savings and efficiency gains have become tacit understanding of many businesses.

How to reduce costs and increase efficiency? In addition to pay cuts, layoffs and benefits, choosing right online collaboration tool in office and optimizing system within organization can be a special medicine that is currently effective. Because no matter how the external environment changes, it's always good to practice inner strength.

Online document collaboration tool - the first step to work efficiency
Collaboration is inefficient, business is lost, and enterprises lose large and unnecessary costs every year.

How big is gap between efficient and joint ventures and conventional enterprises?

According to statistics, in companies that do not have office collaboration, each employee spends at least 90 minutes a day searching for files, collating content, and transferring files. When calculating 22 working days, employee will waste 11,250 yuan per year. .It's just one person. How much labor will be wasted by whole enterprise?

This is not a sensation. Work inefficiencies do take place in our daily work. I believe that everyone in workplace has experienced complexity of multiple file transfers and collapse of data aggregation.

What is an online document collaboration tool?

Actually, "online document tool" we're talking about right now is actually a general term for electronic notes and office documents.

Electronic notes are primarily used in simple text editing scenarios such as note-taking, abstracting, and essay writing. The great thing about this type of software is that it can sync contents of one account across devices, which is convenient. for individuals It can be used in multiple places and you can also share your recorded content with others; other is Office documents (including Word, Excel, PPT), which are suitable for more complex tasks such as document writing, reporting, and spreadsheet production. Text editing scene.

And "Web Collaboration Documents" belong to same category of office documents. Its feature is that this type of software can be edited by multiple people online and synchronized in real time, and documents saved in team can be shared in real time. Collaboration can greatly improve efficiency of collaboration, and there is no need to transfer a spreadsheet or document back and forth as before, and it is easy to lose transmission.

The role of online document collaboration tools

Why is document collaboration so popular today? Are document collaboration tools an endless stream? In fact, beyond people's desire to be more productive during pandemic, role that document collaboration tools can play for businesses is much broader.

  • Enables real-time collaboration. If several team members often work on same result, document collaboration tools will save you a lot of headaches.
  • Version control. The real beauty of thesetools is that you have an advanced "undo" feature, and most tools allow you to view previous versions of your document and restore them if needed.
  • Improve management of review process. Sharing feedback via email can be inefficient because there is a lot of noise in shared inbox. Document collaboration tools allow you and your colleagues to focus on task at hand and eliminate all distractions.
  • Enhanced Security: Emails can be sent or accidentally sent to wrong people. Document collaboration tools let you control who can access your files.
  • Usage tracking and reporting: This is useful in many situations. Imagine you're training a new employee and you want to know if they've seen your hiring note, or you want to know if your boss has seen report you sent her last week.
  • Centralized knowledge base. Some document collaboration tools include ability to organize files in searchable repositories, making it easier to manage your team's collective knowledge.
  • With regard to benefits of document collaboration mentioned above, one point can be discussed separately, namely "centralized knowledge base". Now, in era of knowledge economy, knowledge is more valuable to enterprises than before, so it is extremely important for enterprises to create a centralized knowledge base and use document collaboration software to centralize and integrate enterprise knowledge.

    What are online document collaboration tools

    The online document collaboration tools below include not only familiar and frequently used tools, but also niche yet very useful treasures, let's take a look.

    1. Tencent documentation

    A product that Ma Huateng said was eight years too late. It received likes immediately upon launch and its features were quickly completed. More and more people and teams are using it. It has become standard configuration at Tencent.

    Includes four main features: document, form, slideshow, and collection form. It can import local documents and export online documents to local ones.

    Recommended Feature: Online Collection Form. You don't have to do another survey, just create a collection form and drop it on group for information you want to collect and you can do it quickly.

    Online document collaboration tool - the first step to work efficiency
2. Documentation on graphite

    Graphite document is also a home application with an earlier history and more complete features. Basic use is free, advanced features are paid.

    There are a few more features than Tencent docs: mind map, whiteboard, and collaborative space.

    I have to say that writing documents is very convenient, and it also supports importing Markdown format, which is highly recommended for some users.

    Online document collaboration tool - the first step to work efficiency
3. Google Docs

    When it comes to online documents, you should talk about Google Docs because it is an online document creator, but due to some special network reasons, very few people use it in China, so I won't go into details . details here.

    Online document collaboration tool - the first step to work efficiency

    The above are document collaboration tools that most of us know and use, but in addition to these more popular ones, I'd like to introduce one in particular today.


    Aiming at online document storage, online editing has done a good job, and ingenious integration of collaborative communication, document sharing and teamwork has greatly increased efficiency of enterprise office. As a document collaboration tool, it's also a complete knowledge base to quickly capture, store, and share information with your team or clients.

    It uses a block editor and all content, including text, images, videos, tables, Markdown, etc., are modules. Supports site-wide data export. When collaboration and sharing is required, you can set permissions for editors and viewers with clear boundaries. In addition to importing files, exporting site-wide data is also supported. It is safer to store data locally.

    Online document collaboration tool - the first step to work efficiency

    It is very important for employees to improve their work efficiency, because they can do more tasks in same time or use time saved for other things.

    Today, tools that can be used to save time and improve work efficiency include web-based document co-editing software that supports multiple people editing a document, and multiple people need less time to complete a task than one person, so you can quickly save time to a large extent and improve work efficiency.