September 30, 2023

Help Documentation - Help customers quickly understand how to use your product.

When you first use a product or software and encounter usage issues, first thing you do in past is consult with customer support or make a phone call. Every day, support staff has to answer a lot of questions. same questions In long run, customer service staff is under a lot of pressure and has a high turnover, and human customer service is relatively slow to respond in this regard, and user experience is not very good.

So, how to solve such a problem?

There were many positive examples in foreign countries. By adding an online help page to official website, customer service interface, product inside, etc., users are encouraged to check related issues in a self-service way, as well as through images and texts, or as text + video to give a clear and intuitive solution. For some industries, there is no development team, and it is difficult to create help pages on your own, finding a company that specializes in creating websites requires a lot of money on one hand, and on other hand, you need to pay for content updates and maintenance after completion. At an appropriate price, relatively difficult to maintain it yourself at a later stage. Help Documentation - Help customers quickly understand how to use your product.

A handy software reference document has following characteristics:
  • For novice users of software, help documentation will help you get started quickly.
  • For long-term users of software, help document provides tips to help them improve their productivity.
  • For users experiencing problems, help document provides solutions as soon as possible.
  • The purpose of a reference document is to help users use software to do their jobs and reduce time users spend solving software problems. If you find that this is not case, you may be using a fake help file.

    Compared with manual customer service reference documents, it has following advantages.
    1. More comprehensive training: The reference document includes overall product workflow and common user concerns... Tutorials on manual customer service are taken from tutorial on document, and as long as it provides a more human looking mechanism. Reference docs will go a long way!
    2. More timely response to a question. The speed of response to help documents is several times faster than manual customer service, no need to wait
    3. Free all-weather service. We cannot specify time during which users can use product. labor), but using online help. As long as document has a network, it can provide users with round-the-clock help services, and cost is negligible.
    4. New advertising channels. Product documentation is a detailed description of product, and distribution of help pages via (qq, WeChat, circle of friends, etc.) is also a secondary distribution of product. At same time, release of white papers by company will be of great help in SEO of website (value - high open volume, rich keywords)

    With advances in technology, using online help documentation tools to create and embed in websites or applications is a good solution to save money and hassle.

    Professional online reference document creation tool

    This is an elegant cloud-based knowledge base, knowledge management, help center, manual, FAQ, API documentation, AI based product guide software. The leading low-code SaaS development platform creates a tool for enterprise digital transformation and realizes internal knowledge collaboration and external branding of enterprises. (First look at a fewto images from the help center) Help Documentation - Help customers quickly understand how to use your product.
Case Help Help Documentation - Help customers quickly understand how to use your product.
Help Documentation - Help customers quickly understand how to use your product.

    Document production process reference

    Use it to create a simple and actionable help documentation page in 10 minutes: set goals and target audience, and create a visually appealing and informative online help platform for your business. Choose a help document template and customize display interface according to product positioning so that help center has best effect. Add help center content and publish a beautiful help document page with a single click. Help Documentation - Help customers quickly understand how to use your product.
Document Creation Assistance

    Benefits Easy to use

    It can be used online without downloading or entering a URL (no trial and error costs). The process for creating an online help center is simple: you don't need to learn basics of coding, and you can create your favorite online help page if you can type. The mobile terminal is compatible with mobile phones, and you can also experience smooth operation, just like a computer on an iPad!

    Multi-terminal adaptation

    It uses Editor.js rich text editor and Markdown, which are easier to work with. While providing ease of operation, it also meets requirements from operation to development and provides more convenient editing.

    Elegant interface

    Concise and effective pages should be first choice for reference documents. A user-friendly text layout is set up, and content is displayed on multiple levels so that users can easily find their questions in a drop-down list. In order to meet use cases and individual needs of more enterprise users, we provide over 20 themes with customizable headers, footers, banner charts....

    Knowledge Management

    The reference document covers all aspects of product usage knowledge and contains multi-level columns and tag cloud functions to sort knowledge hierarchically. When contents of a reference document require multi-party operations and collaboration, this can be done using built-in group collaboration feature. The permissions of collaborators can be controlled, which ensures data security and improves work efficiency.

    Easy to share and easy to search

    The function of help document is to help users quickly get started with product, and help document created with it can be easily placed on product's website. When a user in WeChat and Dingding groups encounters a problem with a product, link can easily solve user's problem, and access permission function setting is only open to users you care about. It provides global search and search results highlighting features to help users find usage issues quickly.

    Data security

    Double key encryption is used to store data to ensure data security. At same time, document releases can be kept permanently in history to ensure they are never lost. A complete transaction log is convenient for tracking by groups and individuals. dangerous operations. Every editing step is saved in cloud in real time, so you don't have to worry about data loss, and it also supports data export and backup in multiple formats.