September 23, 2023

Haberdashery exchange | Tool software that makes enterprise knowledge management simple and efficient

During second half of development of Internet, many companies began to carry out digital transformation, while many companies neglected extremely important point - enterprise knowledge management. It can be said that in today's information age, enterprise knowledge management is key to digital transformation and enterprise innovation. The essence of enterprise knowledge management is to manage knowledge chain so that enterprise knowledge can continue to add value along way. The key to effective knowledge management in an enterprise is establishment of a suitable Knowledge Management System. A knowledge management system is a comprehensive system based on a management information system for implementation of collection, storage, sharing and application of knowledge. Through file management system, group software technologies, a search engine, an expert system and a knowledge base, and other technical tools allow for mutual transformation of explicit and implicit knowledge of enterprises.

Therefore, a good knowledge management tool can make a huge difference for businesses. There are many knowledge management tools on market today, and today Amway brings you a knowledge management tool that integrates online editing, storage and display——< strong> :

Benefits for enterprise knowledge management: 1. Online editing
  • Supports professional editing features such as Markdown, tables, code blocks, etc., supports uploading documents and videos in various formats, and presents knowledge content in various ways.
  • Structured content, unlimited column-level customizations, automatic creation of document points, use of a knowledge base catalog structure to structure multiple documents, making it easy for internal staff to find and edit content.
  • Support multi-person online collaborative editing, multi-level permissions enable each team member to become a knowledge creator, improve enterprise knowledge integration, and improve work efficiency.
  • 2. Data security

    Using an advanced and flexible cloud service architecture and SaaS-based services, it ensures independence and security of customer data throughout the entire process from internal editing to external sharing. It has advanced permission level features to control access to internal and external staff content.

    3. Online display
  • More than 15 sets of exquisite themes are provided by default. It only takes one click to use and you can customize page settings to help businesses create exclusive pages.
  • Free second-level domain name, support for independent binding of a domain name.
  • The ubiquitous search box and global search options help employees quickly find operational issues.
  • The multi-theme knowledge management template is designed to meet development needs of knowledge economy era. It is result of a deep development of thoughts and concepts of management disciplines. It is designed with a constantly deepening understanding of people. resources and continuous improvement of enterprise management capabilities.

    Knowledge management is knowledge-based management that aims to improve competitiveness and responsiveness of enterprises through knowledge sharing, acquisition and use of knowledge to address competitive challenges of economic globalization. Thus, knowledge management is a guiding ideology and concept for enterprises to create new management mechanisms in era of knowledge economy, as well as an important means and tool for enterprises to gain competitive advantages.

    Choose establishment of an enterprise knowledge management system, use advantages of enterprise to establish advantages of "knowledge resources" for enterprise and increase competitive advantage in industry.