September 19, 2023

Common misunderstandings and solutions in process of creating a help center?

Help Centers are designed to help users understand product and solve problems. However, during production process, we may encounter some misunderstandings that may cause our help center to not achieve expected results. So, in this article, we will look at common mistakes when creating a help center and suggest ways to fix them.

Myth 1: Too complicated language and terminology

Solution 1: Simplify language and terminology

The main purpose of a help center is to provide help and answers to user questions, so it should use understandable language and terminology. Avoid overly technical terms and abbreviations that can confuse and cause discomfort to users. If it is necessary to use terms and abbreviations, clearly explain their meaning in text.

Solution #2: Use proper formatting and typography

Using proper formatting and typography can make an article easier to read and understand. You can use formats such as headings, lists, and tables to organize your article content. In addition, using proper font, size, and color can also improve readability of article.

Misunderstanding 2: Lack of practical content

Solution 1: Create content according to user needs

Help centers should create content with user needs in mind. What information users want can be determined using user reviews, FAQs, and search keywords. When writing content, pay attention to needs and concerns of users and provide as much actionable information as possible.

Solution 2: Provide multiple solutions

There can be multiple solutions for same problem, so having multiple solutions in Help Center can make it easier for users to resolve problem. It can provide step-by-step instructions with images and texts, video tutorials, FAQs and other methods to meet different needs of users.

Misunderstanding 3: Lack of operational guidance

Solution 1: Provide detailed step-by-step instructions

Providing detailed step-by-step instructions in help center can make it easier for users to understand and follow steps. The step-by-step instructions should include necessary screenshots and descriptions so that users can follow instructions to complete operation.

Solution 2: Provide video tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to demonstrate how to do this. With video tutorials, users can more clearly understand how to perform operations. When creating video tutorials, pay attention to sound and image quality so that users can hear and see content clearly.

Myth 4: Lack of updates and maintenance

Solution 1: Schedule updates

The Help Center should be updated and maintained regularly. You can set an update schedule to regularly check and update Help Center content. Updates may include new product features, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

Solution 2: Create a feedback mechanism

Establishing a feedback mechanism can help us understand user needs and concerns and make appropriate adjustments in a timely manner. A feedback button or an e-mail contact form can be installed on website so that users can send us questions and suggestions.

Benefits of creating a help center:

This is an online tool for creating a corporate help center. It provides a complete set of features and is easy to use, and it can also help enterprises quickly set up an efficient help center. Below are benefits and features:

  1. Ease of Use: Provides a visual editor that allows users to easily create, edit, and manage content. Users only need to select a theme and start adding articles, FAQs or videos to quickly create a complete help center page. benefitsThe user interface is clear and simple, easy to use, no coding or design skills required.
  2. Complete Functions: Provides complete functions, including article management, FAQ management, search function, multilingual support, custom domain name, etc. Users can select required functions according to their needs to meet different needs.
  3. Powerful search function. Provides a powerful search function that allows users to easily find information they need. Users only need to enter keywords and system will automatically search for relevant content and display it on search results page.
  4. Automatic adaptation to various devices. Depending on visitor's device type, layout and display method can be automatically adjusted to provide best experience. Whether users use computers, tablets or mobile phones, they can enjoy a great user experience.
  5. Real-time analysis and feedback. Real-time analysis and feedback allows users to understand visitor behavior and needs for optimization and improvement. Users can analyze data to understand which articles and questions are most popular in order to optimize and improve them.
use cases

Already used in many companies, here are some examples of use:

Cool Academy:

Kuxuan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a business Internet services company that uses technology to improve organizational capabilities. Among them, Kuxuan Academy is an independent development of Kuxuan Technology in 2017. corporate training and talent development platform. With mission of "connecting resources and capabilities of top 500 authorized employees with 43 million enterprises and organizations in China" through four-in-one product concept, that is, business platform integration, business process integration, business process integration. model and platform integration. Content integration is driving renewal of enterprise learning platforms and application scenarios. By establishing a well-functioning help center system and implementing an online customer service robot, users can directly access help center to view related operation manuals, operation videos, common problems, operation plans, etc., greatly improving user experience, reducing workload on internal staff and improve work efficiency. ——Customer Testimonials

Blue Lake:

Good platform compatibility and stability enable our company to host help center portals on website of each product and customer to achieve low maintenance costs for one-way update and synchronization with multiplewhich terminals; user-friendly interactive interface and full text search function enable our sellers to quickly and accurately find records in many categories and get related information; When it is convenient for users to ask questions on their own, as a customer service knowledge base, it improves customer service efficiency and is a good helper for enterprises to reduce costs. and improve efficiency. ——Customer Testimonials

The Enterprise Help Center is a platform where businesses can provide product and service support that can help businesses improve customer satisfaction and user experience. It is an online enterprise help center creation tool that provides complete features and ease of use, and can help enterprises quickly create an effective help center. Consider this if you are looking for a solid business call center solution.


Creating a help center is an important task that will help users better understand product and solve problems. During production process, we may encounter some misunderstandings such as overly complicated language and terminology, lack of practical content, lack of operational guidance, lack of updates and maintenance, etc. For these misunderstandings, we can take appropriate solutions such as simplifying language and terminology , writing content according to user needs, providing detailed step-by-step instructions, creating an upgrade plan, etc. By resolving these misunderstandings, we can improve help center and help users better understand and use our products.