September 08, 2023

Analysis: What role can an online help center play for a business?

With continuous development and popularization of Internet technologies, more and more companies are beginning to transfer their business online. Such a transfer can not only significantly increase efficiency of enterprise, but also bring enterprise service closer to needs of users. However, there are also some problems with online services, for example, users may encounter some difficulties and need to seek help. Nowadays, online help center of an enterprise can play a very important role.

1. Role of online help center

Improve user experience

The online help center can provide 24/7 online support so users don't have to wait too long to get help. At same time, online help center can also provide end-to-end solutions for users, so that users can use products or services more effectively. This is very important to improve user experience.

Reducing business costs

Compared to traditional customer service methods, online help center can greatly reduce cost of an enterprise, because online help center does not require additional labor, but only some technical support and maintenance costs. In addition, online help center can also enable customer service personnel to work more efficiently and improve work efficiency, thereby reducing enterprise costs.

Improve productivity of customer service agents

The online help center can provide comprehensive solutions and provide more detailed information to helpdesk staff, which is very helpful for helpdesk staff. Customer service personnel only need to provide more specific assistance according to user's needs, and do not need to spend too much time understanding user's problem, which can improve efficiency of customer service personnel.

Improve corporate brand image

An online help center can provide businesses with more professional services, while at same time allowing businesses to be closer to needs of users. This is very beneficial for company's brand image, allowing users to better understand company and increasing user confidence in company.

2. How to create an effective online help center

Provide a complete solution

It is very important for users that online help center can provide comprehensive solutions. Enterprises should summarize and categorize problems that users may encounter and then provide some general solutions. In addition, businesses should also provide detailed help documents and video tutorials so that users can more clearly understand how to use product or service.

Provide multiple contact methods

An online help center should provide multiple communication methods, including chat, email, phone, etc. This allows users to choose their favorite or most convenient communication method to get help more smoothly.

Responding to user questions in a timely manner

An online help center should respond to user questions in a timely manner, which is very important for users. If user does not receive a timely response, it will affect user's trust in company and brand image.

Constantly update help documentation

An online help center needs to keep help documentation up to date, including adding new solutions, updating existing help documentation, etc. This can enable users to better understand product or service and better use product or service.

User experience optimization

An online help center needs to optimize user experience, including clear navigation, beautiful interface, concise and understandable text, etc. This can encourage users to use online help center more readily and find help they need faster.

3. Online Help Center Practical Examples

Already used in many companies, here are some examples of use:

Cool Academy:

Kuxuan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that provides services on Internet foran enterprise that uses technology to improve organizational capabilities. Among them, Kuxuan Academy is an independent development of Kuxuan Technology in 2017. corporate training and talent development platform. With mission of "connecting resources and capabilities of top 500 authorized employees with 43 million enterprises and organizations in China" through four-in-one product concept, that is, business platform integration, business process integration, business process integration. model and platform integration. Content integration is driving renewal of enterprise learning platforms and application scenarios. By establishing a well-functioning help center system and implementing an online customer service robot, users can directly access help center to view related operation manuals, operation videos, common problems, operation plans, etc., greatly improving user experience, reducing workload on internal staff and improve work efficiency. ——Customer Testimonials

Blue Lagoon:

Good platform compatibility and stability enable our company to host help center portals on website of each product and customer to achieve low maintenance costs for one-way update and multi-terminal synchronization; user-friendly interactive interface and full text search function enable our sellers to quickly and accurately find records in many categories and get related information; When it is convenient for users to ask questions on their own, as a customer service knowledge base, it improves customer service efficiency and is a good helper for enterprises to reduce costs. and improve efficiency. ——Customer Testimonials

An online help center can provide a very important help to an enterprise, which can improve user experience, reduce enterprise costs, increase efficiency of customer service personnel, improve corporate brand image, etc. Enterprises need to create an effective online help center , including providing comprehensive solutions, providing multiple communication methods, timely response to user questions, constantly updating help documents, and optimizing user experience. In practice, companies such as Google, Tencent, and have successfully created effective online help centers that have been well received by users.