August 16, 2023

What is strategy for building their online corporate help center?

Creating an online corporate help center is an important strategy that can help companies better manage and share knowledge, improve employee efficiency and productivity, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Discuss a strategy for creating an online corporate help center: 1. Define position and goals of help center.

Before establishing an enterprise help center, an enterprise needs to define position and goals of help center. The Help Center can be a knowledge base for internal employees or a service platform for external clients. Enterprises should determine position and purpose of help center according to their own conditions and needs, in order to better plan and implement construction and management of help center.

2. Choose right software and help center tools

Choosing right help center software and tools is key to building an enterprise help center. Businesses can choose from existing help center software and tools, or customize and develop them to suit their needs. Common help center software and tools include Zendesk, Freshdesk,, etc. Businesses should choose right help center software and tools to suit their needs and budget.

3. Planning content and structure of help center

The content and structure of a Help Center is foundation of a Help Center. Businesses need to plan and design content and structure of help center to better meet needs of employees and customers. The contents of help center may include descriptions of products and services, answers to frequently asked questions, operation manuals, technical support, online consultations, etc. The structure of help center may include methods of directory, classification, labeling, etc., so that users can quickly find and find information they need.

What is strategy for building their online corporate help center?
4. Establish a mechanism for managing and maintaining help center.

Establishing a mechanism to manage and maintain Help Center is basis for making Help Center work well. Enterprises need to create a dedicated help center management team that will be responsible for updating, maintaining, and optimizing help center content. At same time, enterprises also need to establish a feedback mechanism for help center, collect and process user feedback and suggestions in a timely manner, and continuously improve and optimize help center content and services.

V. Create a good user experience and brand image

The Help Center is an essential platform for businesses to communicate with employees and customers and is essential for building a great user experience and brand image. Enterprises can improve user satisfaction and loyalty by optimizing content and structure of help center, strengthening interaction and feedback mechanism of help center, and providing high-quality online services. At same time, enterprise also needs to combine help center with enterprise brand image, so as to enhance popularity and image of enterprise.

An online tool to create a help center, try it out

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Summarizing, building a corporate online help center is an important strategy to improve employee productivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Enterprises can choose appropriate help center software and tools according to their conditions and needs, plan content and structure of help center, establish management and maintenance mechanism of help center, create a good user experience and brand image, and realize maximum value of help center.