August 13, 2023

Create a product help center to help SaaS enterprises progress.

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service, which means "software as a service" in Chinese. It is a cloud computing model, which means that software applications are provided to users over Internet. Users do not need to purchase or install software, but only need to use functions of software through network. In a SaaS model, vendor is responsible for operating, maintaining, and updating software, while users only need to pay attention to features and data they need to use. The main advantage of SaaS model is that it allows users to reduce IT costs, increase efficiency and flexibility.

What is an online help center?

Help Center is an online service platform that provides help and support to users, also known as User Help Center, Customer Service Center, etc. In Help Center, users can find and view questions related to a product or service, tutorials, documentation, and other resources for a better user experience. Help Centers typically include features and modules such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), user guides, video demos, online support, and community forums so that users can quickly and easily find information and solutions they need. With help center, enterprises can provide users with better customer service, increase user satisfaction and loyalty, and at same time reduce burden on customer service staff, improve efficiency and use of resources.

The main customer service challenges in SaaS industry can be summarized in following aspects:
  1. Low conversion rate. In a SaaS business, user conversion rates are usually relatively low because users do not need to purchase software or install programs, and there are many competitors.
  2. Many repeated questions. Due to large number of customers, many users may ask same question. This requires maintenance personnel to repeatedly solve same problem, wasting time and resources.
  3. Long response time. SaaS customer support staff need to process a large number of requests, so response times may not be on time. This affects user satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Technical support is difficult: SaaS products usually have a high technical threshold and require some technical support. However, due to lack of on-site technical support, customers may experience difficulties with repairs.
  5. Single communication method. Most SaaS companies only provide email or online chat, but do not use multiple communication methods (such as phone, video, andetc.), which can affect customer satisfaction.

In SaaS industry, help center plays a very important role. It is not only a channel for providing services and support, but also helps SaaS companies optimize customer experience, improve customer satisfaction and user experience.

In particular, help center can help SaaS companies achieve following goals:
  1. Reduce customer service costs. With help center, users can solve some problems themselves, reducing workload and costs of help desk personnel.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction: The help center can provide all-weather and comprehensive support services, and help users quickly find solutions to problems through FAQs and other content to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Help customers use product better: The help center provides instructions and tutorials for software to help users better understand and use software, enhance efficiency and experience of using product, and promote long-term user experience.
  4. Improve customer experience: The help center can provide users with quick responses and responses, process user feedback in a timely manner, and improve customer experience and user experience.
  5. Increase sales conversion. With help center, users can quickly learn about features and functions of product and become interested in it, thereby facilitating sales conversion.

In the SaaS industry, therefore, building and maintaining an efficient and quality help center is essential to improve customer service and competitiveness.

An online help center tool.

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