August 03, 2023

Discussion: Why are more and more companies starting to create their own knowledge base?

With development of information technology, people can get all kinds of information anytime and anywhere on Internet. As an independent organizational system, operation and management of enterprises must rely on a large amount of knowledge and information. Thus, building your own knowledge base can help businesses better manage and share knowledge, as well as increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Why more and more companies are starting to create their own knowledge base 1. Improve work efficiency and productivity

Knowledge bases are an important tool for managing and sharing knowledge. By creating a knowledge base, businesses can organize a large amount of knowledge and information into a structured system that employees can easily find and use. Employees can quickly access information they need through knowledge base, eliminating need for tedious searching, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity.

2. Reduce employee turnover

The knowledge base is an important part of corporate culture, reflecting importance a company places on knowledge and employees. By building a knowledge base, an enterprise can provide a platform for employees to learn and grow so that employees can feel cared for and supported by enterprise. This can reduce employee turnover and increase employees' sense of belonging and loyalty.

Discussion: Why are more and more companies starting to create their own knowledge base?
3. Increasing competitiveness of enterprises

The knowledge base is an important embodiment of core competitiveness of an enterprise. By building a knowledge base, businesses can integrate and use internal knowledge and information resources to improve their innovation capabilities and competitiveness. Businesses can quickly respond to market changes with a knowledge base, launch products and services that meet market needs, and maintain a competitive edge.

Fourth, to promote formation of corporate culture.

The knowledge base is an important part of building a corporate culture. By building a knowledge base, businesses can integrate corporate culture and values ‚Äč‚Äčinto building and managing knowledge base so that employees can better understand and identify with corporate culture and values. The knowledge base can also become a platform for communication and training of employees, promoting teamwork and overall progress.

Fifth, improve security and privacy.

Knowledge Base is a centralized platform for storing and managing internal knowledge and enterprise information. By building a knowledge base, businesses can take a number of steps to protect security and confidentiality of internal knowledge and information. Businesses can protect knowledge and information within knowledge base from illegal acquisition and leakage by establishing authoritative systems, encryption mechanisms, and other technical means.

Why do businesses choose to use it when building a knowledge base?

This is a powerful online knowledge management system that can help businesses easily create knowledge bases and manage knowledge assets. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Register an account: Register an account on official website, fill in relevant information, and complete registration.
  2. Creating a knowledge base: Create a knowledge base in , set name, description, classification and other information of knowledge base.
  3. Add an article. Add article to knowledge base, including title, content, tags, and other information about article. You can use a rich text editor to edit content of an article, as well as upload images and attachments.
  4. Manage Articles: Manage knowledge base articles, including editing, deleting, publishing, archiving, and more. Articles can be classified, sorted and searched as needed.
  5. Customize Themes: Customize themes in knowledge base, including choosing theme templates, changing colors and fonts, and more. The theme can be customized according to needs of enterprise and brand image.
  6. Integrating other tools. It can be integrated with other tools such as Slack, Zendesk, Intercom, etc. to better manage and use knowledge assets.

Using and building a knowledge base can help companies betterto manage and use knowledge assets and improve their innovation and competitiveness. At same time, it provides many features and tools to meet various needs and requirements of enterprises. In short, there are too many local documents in enterprise. Intelligent classification, organization, supporting software tools, setting standards, online help documents, training, and knowledge sharing are all key tools to improve efficiency of document management. For various enterprise scenarios, you can choose appropriate implementation solution according to your actual needs.

Discussion: Why are more and more companies starting to create their own knowledge base?

Summarizing, more and more companies are starting to create their own knowledge base, mainly to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce employee turnover, improve corporate competitiveness, promote corporate culture building, and improve security and privacy. Enterprises can choose right plan to create a knowledge base according to their conditions and needs, and strengthen management and maintenance of knowledge base to achieve maximum benefit from knowledge sharing and management.