July 28, 2023

Engineering Document Management - Efficient review, approval and production processes

OpenText Extended ECM for EngineeringEffectively manage engineering information, workflows, and risks throughout lifecycle of projects and operations to drive revenue

OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering OverviewOpenText Extended ECM for Engineering, formerly known as Engineering Records Management, is an add-on to OpenText™ Extended ECM platform that helps you effectively manage volume risks. , schedule and cost of engineering project. This enables owner-operators and engineering firms to achieve a faster return on investment by reducing production time and ensuring efficient operation of assets.

OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering provides a single authoritative repository for storing and managing engineering documentation and workflows. This solution allows staff to effectively control engineering information, workflow and risk throughout life cycle of projects and operations, helping to increase profits. In addition, platform works seamlessly with optional Brava!! Viewer - An add-on that provides a secure browsing and commenting experience over web for efficient review, approval, and production without need for a native application.

OpenText Extended ECM development features

1. Customized DashboardsSimplify processes for better and more efficient information and risk management.

2. Increase your ROI.Increase your ROI and time to milestones by accelerating communication and collaboration.

3. Provides deep integration with SAPExperience higher levels of performance, reliability, compliance, and employee safety while reducing costs and environmental impact.

4. Best Practice TemplatesUse best practice configuration templates to speed up project setup by allowing teams to customize to meet unique needs of their projects and resources.

5. Provide a single source of engineering data Benefit from integration of Dassault® SOLIDWORKS®, Bentley® MicroStation®, AutoDesk® AutoCAD® & Revit®3D and SAP® Plant Maintenance.

The Benefits of OpenText Extended ECM for Development

1. Effective CollaborationBenefit from streamlined collaboration on large volumes of content with internal and external parties. Experience secure and high-speed transfers with full control and traceability.

2. Include geospatial contentIntegrate navigational geospatial content with ESRI ArcGIS. This provides visual navigation during projects and operations, providing intuitive access to relevant content at factory.depending on location of asset or project.

3. Secure accessUse flexible deployment options to securely access and collaborate on engineering documents from anywhere in world.

4. Web Services Deep ExtensibilityExtend development workflows and develop custom dashboards and reports to meet unique needs of customers, developers, and partners with Web Services, REST APIs, and content smart tagging support.

5. End-to-End IntegrationFull integration into leading applications of the energy and engineering ecosystem with OpenText Extended ECM.

6. Improve your defense against lawsuitsTrack performance in detail with a comprehensive audit trail.