July 18, 2023

Document management software transforms office, improves productivity and employee retention

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Company: Advantage Credit, Inc.Country: United StatesIndustry: Finance sector : Finance, Human Resources, QADeployment Method: Cloud

Results. Credit reporting has moved from an office business model to a paperless remote business model, resulting in a 50% increase in productivity and up to 100% increase in employee retention.

Document management software transforms office, improves productivity and employee retention

Advantage Credit Inc. (ACI) provides credit reporting services to mortgage lenders, brokers and banks. Services include providing credit reports, fraud alerts, and identity theft recovery.

ACI employees relied heavily on paper-based workflows, which prevented company from offering any flexibility to work remotely. After a decade in credit reporting industry, ACI President Don Unger began to see an increase in employee turnover as they matured.

He realized that if he could allow his employees to work remotely, he could retain that highly skilled workforce by giving them more flexibility in their schedules.

Moving from paper to digitalUnger knew that giving ACI employees more flexibility would reduce employee turnover. Given large volumes of paper documents and records that every employee must have access to, he knew he needed a secure document management solution that would digitize paper documents, securely archive them, and enable fast search, collaboration, editing, and other operations in any time. anywhere Tool. As Unger predicted, Advantage Credit, Inc. was re-established as a remote business.

Remote employees are more productive and happierWith majority of employees now working remotely, there has been no employee turnover at ACI since digital transition. Under previous business model, three to four employees were typically laid off each year, creating maintenance, training, and cost problems. In his more than 12 years in business, Unger has studied this issue and believes crux of problem is that employees are being asked to come into office and work in an environment that lacks work flexibility.

“Being able to offer flexible working hours has allowed me to retain experienced employees who are a valuable asset to my company. We have also been able to expand our business without adding staff and we still have room to grow.” ——Don Unger, ACI President

Smaller Office Space Means Lower CostsWith nearly 90% of employees working remotely, ACI has realized additional savings by reducing office space from 2,400 square feet to 400 square feet. By subleasing unused space, ACI has reduced rental costs by about 65%.

Digital offices meet industry standards more easilyIn addition to increasing productivity, remote business models help employees meet strict industry requirements. Employees can now securely share documents as new system provides remote access to these documents. Physical copying, storage and retrieval of these documents has been abolished.

Sustainable, paperless and efficient business Most importantly, Unger is pleased with 50% increase in productivity. Employees are more productive and don't have to waste time receiving faxes or filing documents, retrieving documents, redistributing, etc. ACI completely eliminates need for filing cabinets and is 100% paperless.

"We can scale our business better and I attribute most of that to DocuWare... it does everything we hoped it would."

About DocuWare

Founded in Germany, DocuWare products are now used in almost every country in world and are considered market leader in cloud software.

We provide document management and document management software to businesses around world. Automating manual tasks, reducing reliance on paper documents, and securely accessing information and files anytime, anywhere are just some of benefits of DocuWare.

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DocuWare has over 15,000 active clients and each of them has a success story to name but a few.

Document management software transforms office, improves productivity and employee retention

DocuWare document management and workflow solutions available for:

1. Invoice Processing Eliminate manual steps of invoice processing from first touch to checkout. 2. Human Resources Digitize and centralize every employee's records. 3. Sales & Marketing Share, edit and archive contracts, offers and related materials. 4. Secure Document ArchivingKeep important business information securely archived and accessible.