July 16, 2023

How to choose right document storage solution

More than ever, your business needs a safe and secure place to store important business documents. Employee information, financial statements, contracts and more require an organized and secure repository to protect information that cannot be lost, stolen or damaged.

How to choose right document storage solution

1. Benefits of Secure Document StorageWhen business documents such as invoices, employee statements, supplier contracts, facility records, sales presentations, etc. are securely stored, organized, and complete, your companies can protect yourself from lawsuits, violations and losses while realizing key benefits of digital technologies.

Benefit 1. Provide a paperless officeDigital information stored in secure digital archives means no more paper in office: no more lost files, no more printing problems, no more overcrowded offices. ![insert picture here

How to choose right document storage solution

Benefit 2: Easier audit preparationA secure archive not only means you know where everything is, it's organized, it can be found and used to prepare and conduct an audit.

How to choose right document storage solution

Benefit 3: Compliance Standards ComplianceThe purpose of regulatory compliance standards is to protect individuals and companies. When documents are securely organized, compliance process is greatly simplified and accelerated.

How to choose right document storage solution

Benefit 4. Prepare for natural disastersNatural disasters or malicious attacks can destroy an unprepared business. Secure archiving supports disaster recovery process and helps you recover from unexpected disasters.

How to choose right document storage solution

To sum it up, right documentation solution can help protect your data, digitize your paper processes, ensure business continuity, meet compliance standards, and prepare for reviews. But not all document storage solutions are created equal—to truly realize these benefits, you need a system that meets certain criteria.

Second Secure Documentation ChecklistAsk yourself following questions when evaluating and selecting a particular vendor. Does software provide:1. Does user have access through a unique username and password? Strong user authentication is a key element in protecting your system.

2. Use only HTTPS for data transfer? In HTTPS, use TLS/SSL encryption, which is more secure.

3. Provide different levels of access to documents? This means that you can assign access rights at level of individuals, groups and jobs or roles for more control.

4. Protect files with AES 256-bit encryption? This method meets highest US government security requirements for encrypting sensitive information.

How to choose right document storage solution

5. Store key business data in an organizational area? Many companies prefer to keep files as part of their business to ensure legal protection of customer information.

6. Should cloud solutions provide data redundancy across multiple locations within same legal area? Data redundancy ensures business continuity in event of a natural disaster such as a flood or power failure.

How to choose right document storage solution

7. Provide separation of client and system data? Separation of data ensures that customer information remains confidential.

8. Do you use technologies to protect user data and logins? These technologies provide protection against threats such as malware or unauthorized access.

9. Enable workflows to enforce retention policies? For legal reasons, you are required to keep your files for a certain number of years. For example, in US, you must keep your accounts for at least seven years.

10. Help you meet personal data processing standards? The public demands data privacy, and companies that do not comply with information processing compliance standards such as GDPR and HIPAA risk violating data protection laws and receiving hefty fines.

11. Prove integrity of documents with an electronic signature? Electronic signature guarantees authenticity of person signing document and integrity of document through encryption technology and digital certificates.

How to choose right document storage solution

12. Record all file changes? Change Log helps your company to create an accurate and complete audit trail.

13. Provide version control? It helps to properly manage current and past versions of a document.

14. Does it comply with certain software safety standards and regulations? Standards include SOC, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 9001. For example, ISO 9001 is a standard that tells you that software and cloud vendors have an excellent level of quality control in software production and development.

15. Provide easy integration with other systems such as CRM or ERP? Simple integration simplifies entire workflow.

Third, when choosing a secure document archiving softwareA secure document archiving solution will protect your data, ensure business continuity, and help you quickly and thoroughly prepare for audits. However, you can only realize this potential if you invest in software that meets right standards for security, compliance, functionality, and usability. DocuWare is an example. and business continuity companies offering comprehensive and secure archiving solutions.

4. DocuWare is safest home for your documentsDocuWare provides complete document archiving, document storage and document retrieval.

DocuWare keeps our customers safe:

Flexible formatsStore scanned documents, PDFs, emails, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), images, and more.

Everything is encrypted, everything is secureAll data is transmitted over HTTPS and all documents are encrypted using AES. In addition, a comprehensive system of access rights protects confidential documents from unwanted prying eyes.

Backup over backupDedicated Microsoft Azure data centers in EU and US with triple data mirroring and geo-redundancy in one region. Information is never lost and disaster recovery planning is simplified.

Audit traceability and transparencyRecord every document capture, version, and comment for full traceability and every workflow step for process transparency. An audit has never been so fast and complete.

Data Control for Compliance and DisposalDetailed access permissions and strict organization of information speed up support for strict compliance programs such as GDPR, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley and make it easier to plan privacy policies data. documentation.

NepoComplete information is a thing of pastAutomated, reliable, and thorough indexing keeps documents organized, accessible, and actionable throughout your workflow. Each file is filled with no missing data.

How to choose right document storage solution

5. What documents can DocuWare archive securely?

1. AccountingInvoiceOrderTransport receiptBill of ladingValuation table

2. Human ResourcesCVCertificatesPerformance assessmentTax documentsExpense report

3. Legal aspectsContracts and templatesWorkflowReport

4. SalesProduct informationMarketing guideProduct introduction and recommendations

5. There are many more!

6. Why businesses choose DocuWare for document storage

1. Quick comprehensive search for documents - instant access to any information

Instantly find any document by searching its full text content or indexed data.

2. Compliance - Simplify Compliance

Protect, organize, and implement processes that directly support HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2, and more

3. Native integration with Microsoft Outlook - securely archive important email messages

Safely store and organize your important business email right from Microsoft Outlook.

4. Integration with ERP, CRM, etc. - application connection

Access relevant business documents in context of CRM, ERP and other applications.