July 27, 2023

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) - New Technologies Require New EDA Solutions

Electronic Design Automation (EDA)Costs continue to rise and cycle times decrease. This has presented unprecedented challenges for EDA design, and demands on today's high performance workflows have never been higher.

New technologies require new EDA solutionsRecently, growth in computing and storage requirements for 5nm and 3nm processes has outstripped most common EDA infrastructure approaches. These new 3nm processes require four times memory and processing power of 5nm processes.

As on-premise solutions struggle to keep up with demand, new cloud solutions are now needed to keep up. NetApp is helping to meet these needs with powerful cloud technologies focused on a new common approach to environmental data management.

NetApp solves chip design data management challenges with real-time hybrid cloud solutions

Leading data exponential growth, ready to move from 5nm to 3nm technology;

Reduce overall cost of chip development by optimizing infrastructure deployment;

New approaches to managing EDA workflowsTraditional EDA workflows are too busy to match compute and memory levels required by advanced process technologies such as 10nm, 7nm and 5 -nm. To meet these ever-increasing demands for performance, scalability, and cost, and for geographically dispersed project teams, underlying infrastructure must be easy to use, flexible, scalable, and secure.

As EDA needs grow, NetApp solutions continue to expandin enterprise and in cloud. ONTAP enables transparent development of self-managed hybrid and on-premises environments at a low cost. ONTAP uses existing infrastructure and people to provide a seamless path to:

  • Simplify your move to cloud data center
  • Leverage flash and cloud to modernize your infrastructure without building silos.
  • Deploying new applications with enterprise data services
  • Revolutionizing Data Center Economy
  • Move your data so it can perform optimally at edge, at core, or in cloud.
  • Use one set of tools to manage and secure your data, wherever it is
  • Unleash full potential of cloudThanks to our success, reliability and uptime, world's four largest hyperscale companies, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM, approached us to provide their cloud solutions for data management and storage.

    1. AWSImproved work with unifHosted Cloud File Storage - Run File Shares on AWSThe freedom to run Linux natively on AWS or hybrid cloud and Windows applications without changing code, processes, or commands.

    2. AzureAccelerate migration to Azure—faster, better resultsNetApp data-centric solutions help you get most out of Azure while boosting productivity:< /p>

  • Fulfill promise of Azure with solutions that remove barriers to cloud transformation.
  • Reliably eliminate complexity of migrating to cloud, reducing cost and effort.
  • Get flexibility, agility and control you need to grow your business.
  • 3. Google CloudNetApp Solutions for Google Cloud Data ManagementCost savings are one of many benefits you can enjoy when using NetApp and Google Cloud. Our advanced cloud data services make it faster and easier to realize power of cloud in even most complex enterprise applications.

    4. IBM CloudNetApp and IBM Cloud: Moving Hybrid to Next LevelBuilding on over 20 years of collaboration, NetApp and IBM Cloud are leading organizations offering hybrid solutions. cloud solutions. By bringing together best on-premises, multi-cloud and edge technologies, we can help your company grow and prosper.

    Data Storage Solutions1. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAPMove and manage critical workloads with this fully managed, embedded AWS file service. 2. Azure NetApp FilesGet high performance file storage for your applications in native Microsoft Azure services. 3. Cloud Volumes Service for Google CloudMigrate and run complex enterprise-grade workloads in Managed File Storage Service for Google Cloud. 4. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAPprovides advanced file and block management for cloud storage.

    Data Management1. Solutions for enterprise applicationsMigration and optimization of Oracle, SAP and MySQL databases. 2. NetApp Cloud TieringPlaces cold data in cloud so as not to increase space occupied by data center. 3. Cloud File ServiceOptimize performance, availability, reliability, and security of file sharing in cloud. 4. NetApp Global File CacheHelps distributed workers achieve real-time global file sharing with optimal performance. 5. NetApp Virtual Desktop ServiceAutomatically execute, manage, and optimize your digital workspace with a global management platform. 6. NetApp Cloud SyncFast file and object data transferbetween local and cloud storage.

    Optimization tools1. NetApp Cloud ManagerManage, monitor, and automate your hybrid cloud infrastructure with a single, centralized management platform. 2. NetApp Cloud InsightsInfrastructure overview for monitoring, optimizing and protecting cloud resources. 3. Spot by NetAppAutomate, simplify and continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure. 4. NetApp Astraprovides application-aware data management and storage configuration for Kubernetes workloads.

    Trusted by some of biggest technology companiesFind out what NetApp has to offer to help bring new EDA capabilities to cloud. 1. Mellanox"We were looking for a cloud storage solution that could be integrated with on-premises systems. This is main reason why we chose NetApp. We reviewed multiple vendors and tested NetApp. is most mature. It offers features in cloud that its competitors don't have.”Nir Boyarsky, Head of Storage, Mellanox

    2. Synopsys“Energy and rack space results are easy to measure, and we expect savings in data centers. About 30% more space, which allows us to leave more room for core. We have accelerated development in our engineering department and intend to continue increasing productivity for our customers. ”Shriram Sitaraman, CIO, Synopsys

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