August 01, 2023

How to create effective reference documents online? These moments are very important!

In era of modern Internet, more and more businesses and organizations are beginning to realize importance of reference documents. A good help document can not only help users better understand and use product, but also reduce burden on helpdesk and increase work efficiency. But how do you create effective online help documentation? In this article, we will discuss following aspects.

1. Choose right online builder

When choosing an online building tool, consider following aspects:

1. Ease of use. A good online tool should be user-friendly and have an easy-to-use interface so that users can get started quickly.

2. Variety: A good online creation tool should have many features and templates to choose from to suit different needs and scenarios.

3. Data security. A good online builder should have strong security measures in place to ensure that user data is not lost or lost.

4. Price. A good online building tool should have a reasonable price and a transparent billing method to meet needs of different users.

Common online creation tools:

Confluence: Confluence is an enterprise-grade knowledge management tool developed by Atlassian that can be used to create and share various types of documents.

GitBook: GitBook is an online Markdown-based document editing and publishing tool that lets you quickly create and publish various types of documents.

Notion: Notion is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to create various types of documents, manage projects, track tasks, share files, and more.

Google Docs: Google Docs is a free online document editing tool that allows you to co-edit and share documents with other users.

2. Create a clear document structure

The following aspects should be taken into account when designing structure of a document:

1. Clarity and ease of understanding. The structure of document should be simple and clear, easy to understand and use, and avoid use of overly complex structures and terms.

2. Clear hierarchy: structure of document should be divided into levels, from large to small, from whole to detail, so that users can gradually understand products and functions.

3. Strong Relevance: The various parts in a document's structure should be closely related to form an organic whole and avoid isolated knowledge points.

4. Ease of navigation. The document structure should have a good navigation function so that users can quickly find knowledge points they need.

How to create effective reference documents online? These moments are very important!
3. Use clear language and diagrams

There are several things to consider when writing help documentation:

1. Concise language: Use concise and clear language and avoid using overly complex vocabulary and sentence patterns to improve user understanding and efficiency of use.

2. Clear Structure: The structure of article should be clear, content should be organized, and phenomenon of disorganization should be avoided.

3. Using charts. Diagrams can better explain and display products and features, and help users better understand and use them.

4. Examples. Using examples can help users better understand and use products and features and avoid ambiguity.

4. Provide search and feedback features

Providing search and feedback features in help documentation can help users find information they need more quickly, and can also help companies better understand user needs and concerns.

1. Search function: In reference document, having a search function can help users quickly find knowledge they need and improve efficiency of use.

2. Feedback function: In reference document, feedback function can help users provide feedback to enterprise about problems and suggestions, and can also help enterprise better understand needs and concerns of users.

V. Online tool for creating reference documents

This is an online tool for editing documents and sharing content. It not only provides users with an efficient knowledge organization platform, but also provides a high-quality knowledge publishing platform. The generated documents will be automatically converted into websites. It can be accessed through URL links, which is convenient for users to view and understand products online, and convenient for users. Applicable to a variety of application scenarios: product manuals, help centers, FAQs, manual, knowledge base, product introduction, development documentation, easy to operate, easy to set up, even a novice can easily get started. The classification of columns is clear, which meets requirements of enterprises to create a help center. It takes only four simple steps to create a help center. A good help center needs to be constantly improved, and businesses can use rich plug-ins to meet different needs. For example, collaboration can implement content delivery by multiple employees and achieve a clear division of labor. The reference document creation platform provides you with an efficient way to create reference documents. Provide various free plugins and use various theme styles for free.

  • My contentcan be edited in background at any time, displayed at front desk and modified at any time;
  • Multi-level columns, problem classification display, directory tree structure use, document structure can automatically generate document highlights;
  • Similar to Baidu's search box, enter keywords to find related articles, and keywords in search results will be highlighted in color;
  • Using a text editor, markdown support, writing and saving content, support for backing up and exporting data;
  • Mobile phones, computers and tablets are capable of writing, and content can be directly shared on WeChat, DingTalk, QQ and other platforms, directly copy link to share, and can be embedded in applications, products and web -sites;
  • Access rights to site can be set independently. There are three access modes: private, public and password, you can choose as you wish. The mode can be changed based on content and is open to certain groups.
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