July 29, 2023

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

1. Intelligent document management - get rid of document piles and file confusion, ensure business continuity and create a new stage for enterprises

Clearly organized and easily accessible information is key to successful business processes. Securely manage business documents anytime, anywhere, find them quickly, and use them wisely.

1. Secure StorageUse a secure, centralized document storage platform.

2. Clear organizationAll documents are clearly organized according to captured index data.

3. Smart WorkspaceUse smart productivity tools for file storage, search, tracking, and collaboration.

4. Flexible AccessKeep processes running smoothly, even when you're on road or working from home.

Second, secure and intelligent document archiving

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

Easy capture from all sourcesDocuWare is most convenient repository for contracts, invoices, letters, orders, proposals, minutes and any other business documents.

Indexing and AuthorizationQuickly classify documents and index information with just a few clicks. Then share with controlled access and permissions.

A secure, organized archiveEach document is securely stored in an access-controlled archive until it expires.

Access and CollaborateFast and easy to find information, edit, annotate or work with documents in a workflow.

"During quarantine, our offices were closed and we were left behind. I want my employees to be able to work from home seamlessly. I want to have a cloud-based system where we can actually go paperless." —— Joe Johnson, Owner of Rebel Refrigeration, AC & Plumbing

3. Current and Future Solutions

CompliancePrepare for reviews and comply quickly and easily when documents are securely and clearly organized. At same time, strong access authorization ensures confidentiality.

Get paperless and go greenIt takes 10 liters of water to produce a sheet of carbon paper! Say goodbye to piles of paper with all their limitations and shortcomings. You will not only increase productivity of your company, but you will improve environment every day.

Data security for business continuityYou can rely on secure collection, processing and storage of your data and documents from misuse or loss. Prevent deletion errors and buffer business-critical data from threats such as viruses, malware, theft, or natural disasters.

Flexible Mobile TeamsMore and more people are working remotely. Being able to stay connected wherever you are is key to project success. Use this solution as foundation for seamless information flow and instant integration, even for new hires—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Fourth, take control of all your documents - fast, easy, mobile - your efficient cloud workspace

Smart Document Control by DocuWare is your gateway to efficient document management. Discover solutions that make everyday tasks easier in several ways.

A brief overview of main featuresThe cloud is more than just a secure data store

Get any type of document by import, scan, or drag and drop

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

Search ensures that documents are neatly organized and easy to find

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

Quick search results are accurate and understandable

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

Handy tools: tasks, editing, document versions and more

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

Track documents by expiration date and never miss a due date.

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

Communicate, work on feedback, and make decisions as a team.

Secure Intelligent Document Management, Document Collaboration

5. Handle daily tasks with ease No more lost files. Track offers, orders, agreements, contract renewals and more. Work faster and more securely from anywhere with smart document management, efficient task assignment, and automatic notifications so you never miss deadlines.

1. Eliminate duplicationEach document is saved only once, but can be accessed through any number of flexibly defined folders. Like a specific company or project folder.

2. Protect your dataNot all information applies to everyone. Restrict who can read or edit document, even for a certain period of time if necessary.

3. Speed ​​up your response timeGet information quickly with easy-to-use tools like auto-updating lists. Or just search for any keyword, date, or topic.

4. Maintain Version ConsistencyEnsure version control by automatically saving changed documents as new versions for a complete and convenient document history.

5. Make decisions no matter where you areShare, comment and approve files from anywhere. Solve problems on go or work from home.

6. Meet deadlines.Receive automatic notifications before contracts, invoices, or legal document retention periods expire.

7. Remove email from approval workflowBy requesting feedback, you can avoid endless email tracking and see status of submitted requests at a glance.

8. Forget complianceKeep your entire organization secure by protecting information with secure access permissions and data encryption.

6. Digitizing made easyDocuWare Smart Document Control is a ready-to-use solution that allows you to quickly move to a paperless process powered by DocuWare cloud. Add colleagues as users and start working productively as a team with solution right away. Once you're comfortable with digital workflows, you can expand and customize your application to meet needs of your organization.

Using Web FormsThe solution includes a convenient form builder for creating web forms for quick data collection.

Integration with other systemsConnect solution to your application using various integration methods.

Process AutomationUse powerful process extension solutions for your AP or HR processes.

E-signatureIntegrate e-signature services to legally sign digital documents.

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