September 21, 2023

Is help center good for business? You want to make a help center page

For most businesses, creating a site help center platform is an irresistible development trend. The editor of this article will tell you if a company needs to build a help center and how to build a help center.

What is Help Center:
  • Help Center Positioning: Help users solve problems better, create a good first impression with novice users, guide users in responses, create a good brand image.
  • The Goal of Help Center is: to be happy to help users solve problems (here, happiness includes faster problem detection and detection, comprehensive Q&A content, and better feedback methods) li>
  • Help Center users: first category: people who use company's products (including B-end and C-end products, as well as APP, PC, PAD, etc. ), some of them very familiar with products If you are not familiar with functions, you need to rely on instruction manual to complete operation of some functions; some do not understand some of rules of platform and need a detailed explanation before they can plan purposefully; second category: internal staff of company (including business classmates or students of customer service), poorly versed in requests of some sellers or users, cannot give a clear answer in a short time, so they must rely on content of help center to answer related questions.
  • Is help center good for business? You want to make a help center page

    Is help center good for business?

    Of course it works! Help Center usually refers to product description or usage assistance. When customers use some of features or services of a website, they often encounter some seemingly simple problems that can be difficult to resolve without explanation. In fact, many cases, these problems can be solved with a simple explanation, which is value of a help center.

    What Help Center does:
  • Give user self-service. At this stage, users are also more disgusted with helpdesk telemarketing and prefer to solve some problems themselves. If an enterprise has a good help center document that can show corporate identity and benefits of product while meeting customer needs, it will naturally bring convenience to enterprise and reduce cost of customer acquisition.
  • Create a good corporate image. Users want to learn about your company and products through official channel. If a company does not even have such a channel, it will give people feeling that this is not a long-term business. In addition to providing self-service services to users, help center is actually a display of brand image and enhances brand credibility.
  • Help Center pages are like a natural billboard. Whether it's embedded in a website or not, it exists independently by visiting site's domain name, for example, help center domain name is The existence of this kind of page for enterprise. Administrators may post information, user guides, or guides that they wish to make publicly available through website, or use website to provide their own related services. On other hand, for potential users of enterprise. People visit websites through browsers to get information they need or learn about certain online products or services.
  • Increase sales conversion. Help Center is not only limited to display, but can bring convenience to users in essence. The enterprise provides users with convenience, and users are naturally more inclined to pay for product.
  • How does help center work?

    Help center design should match user's use cases. Here I divide it into three parts:

  • Firstly, help center has questions that users should consult. Users can find related questions by clicking directory or related tags, and then they can solve their own problems;
  • Secondly, user did not solve problem in help center at first glance, there is a search box there, and user can find his problem using search;
  • Finally, if none of above can satisfy users, there should be an input for consultation and feedback. For consultation: leave contact information related to customer service, or express call, users can provide services manually; for feedback: create a standard questionnaire, Users You can fill out a questionnaire and leave relevant questions. The above allows users to have issues that can be resolved and they won't leave with regret.
  • Therefore, Help Center front-end page consists of four elements: catalog, shortcut, search box, and advice feedback.

    1. Catalog

    When designing, we can expand catalog according to list of functional modules of system and display all functional modules of system so that users can quickly find modules that they have problems with. For example: Product Management - Product Shelf - Product Shelf Operation Manual, here is a three-level guide

    2. Labels

    During development, we can use this tag to display more relevant content based on aggregation of a certain type of related content so that users can more accurately find issues. For example: Settlement; this includes a check-in guide, issues related to check-in and linking wallets, system rules related to check-in, etc.

    3. Search box

    During development, we may provide faster search support, including displaying popular search results, displaying a search matching list during typing process, highlighting keyword in red on search results page, etc. Search results can also be viewed according to sorting by volume or update time.

    4. Review of consultation

    During development, we may show quick access to self-service or answers to frequently asked questions. Consultations can be brought to robot automation services to match user responses with keywords; Feedback can be created using questionnaires, on one hand, it can collect user satisfaction with use of help center and make detailed assessments on which aspects, and finally leave their feedback. own questions or suggestions Feedback link is very important. Some products will be developed by ourselves, and some products will be implemented in help center. User feedback is very important here and we can use it as a reference to optimize products in the future. To create a help center, it makes more sense to choose a Saas cloud service. I recommend everyone an easy to use online help center tool. online databases and APIs Documentation, product guides, etc. Is help center good for business? You want to make a help center page