September 29, 2023

Experience Sharing|How to create product reference documents

As a great product, in addition to powerful features and easy-to-use features, related instructions and reference documents are also very important. These instructions and documents may help users make better use of this product and solve problems during use. . This article details how to create a great product help document and how to plan content structure of a help document.

How to plan content structure of a reference document

When planning a reference document, target users of document must first be specified, and direction of planning content of document must be determined in accordance with needs of target users. At same time, we also need to consider following questions:

  1. How are topics and chapters assigned? It can be classified by product features and use cases, define main content and description of each chapter, and then further expand each subsection and paragraph;
  2. How to describe and express? Use concise and clear words to describe product features, usage methods, etc., and include images, screenshots, videos, etc. to illustrate.
Create a great product help document

After planning, next step is to create a great product reference document. This can usually be done by following these steps:

Select correct platform.

There are many web hosting services available in market. For example, platform provides easy-to-use templates and tools, and it is very convenient to write documents on it. For friends who are not good at writing websites, this might be best way. Good choice.

Write document content

Before writing documentation, we also need to think about how to maintain integrity and accuracy of documentation to ensure that documentation can be kept up to date with product. We may add relevant links to product's official website, developer community, etc. in document to make it easier for users to find. And when writing documents, use simple and clear language as much as possible, avoid using overly specialized terms so that users can quickly understand and work.

Add a search function

In order for users to quickly find information they need, we can add a search feature to help users quickly find content they need. Currently, there are many third-party document search related plugins on market. These plugins can easily realize document search function and greatly improve user experience.

Document layout optimization

Document layout is also very important. We must use appropriate fonts and colors to improve readability of document. At same time, we also need to use formatting techniques such as headings, lists, etc. to make document easier to read and understand. We may also use certain images, screenshots, videos, etc. to display content more intuitively and improve user understanding and user experience.

Regularly update documentation

Because product itself can change through continuous development and iteration, we must alsoregularly review and update content of documentation to ensure it is in sync with product. And after users give feedback or find some problems, we can change and improve document according to situation to meet needs of users.


Great product help documentation can help users better understand and use your product, as well as improve service quality and user satisfaction. Thanks to above introduction, I assume you already know how to plan content structure of a help document and how to create an excellent product help document. When writing documents, we must take into account needs of users, use simple and understandable language, images, etc., and regularly check and update content of documents to ensure completeness and accuracy of documents. Finally, I wish that everyone can successfully create their own excellent product reference documents!