September 24, 2023

Regarding online help center, you need to think about following questions.

Creating a help center is what most companies are trying to do, and its importance to companies is obvious. Now, it may not be difficult for businesses to create a help center, but there are a few issues that need to be clearly considered in order to maximize its value.

1. How to get users into habit of "going to help center if you have any questions"?

The goal of creating a help center is to help users solve problems better, which can not only make things easier for users, but also reduce work of customer support staff. However, if user doesn't think about using help center and still contacts support as soon as possible when a problem occurs, then creating this help center is not a big deal. So first we need to think about how to let users develop habit of "go to help center if you have a problem". Our general method is to direct clients. A. Initial Guide

  • First entry, masked
  • My help center, little red dot needs to be clicked once before it disappears.
  • B. Entry Location Changing an entrance might not be a good idea. If seller uses item for first time, if he remembers location of help center, and we direct them to enter help center to check, let them have a certain understanding of specific content of help center. The next time they encounter a problem, users will naturally , may try to find answers in help center. ——Help them build habit——Changing login may not encourage users to form habit.

    Second, how do you capture complementary relationship between help center and video training?
  • Video training and help center are positioned differently: salespeople encounter problems and contact help center; sellers who want to systematically improve their abilities in certain areas, such as building good relationships with users, etc., are turning to video training. ;
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  • Combine help center and video tutorials early and separate them later.
  • Different placement leads to different usage scenarios, so there should be different recommendations.
  • 3. How to reflect relationship between help center, helpdesk and work?

    In order to emphasize role of help center and allow users to develop habit of "contact help center if there is a problem," online customer support and telephone customer service entrances are placed at back, rather than immediately calling when a user has a problem with phone;

  • If you have an online customer support service, it is hosted at most external level, that is, at same level as help center. Phone customer service is hosted in online customer service.
  • Each response detail page in help center has an online customer service button that takes you to online customer service page.ia clients.
  • In addition to main problems listed above, there are some other details that are also worth thinking about.

    1. Do you need a search box?

    The answer must be yes.

  • Currently, there are many problems on seller side, about 200; 58 Daojia application (client side) has over 30 problems;
  • There are many details of issues on seller's side at this time. If you just search layer by layer, you might find errors;
  • 2. Should you ask burning questions?

    Required. Why do we need popular questions? According to previous customer service orders and seller app reviews, sellers' problems are mainly focused on audit and cash withdrawal problems, which are very concentrated. Therefore, hot issues are identified separately so that sellers can quickly see that it can help them quickly locate. How many questions to show?

  • At least four and no more than eight;
  • Be mindful of page size; consider whether specific responses to questions can be covered;
  • What is source of displayed content?

  • A month before, broken down by operation and product;
  • Later, according to specific data (read volume) in help center, it will be displayed dynamically;
  • Having said so much, this is based on fact that company has set up their own help center, but if you haven't, don't panic, solution is here.

    Quickly create a help center

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