September 25, 2023

How to choose an effective knowledge management tool for the digital transformation of a company?

With acceleration of digital transformation of enterprises, importance of knowledge management tools is becoming more and more visible. Good knowledge management tools can help companies improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve innovation and competitiveness. However, there are many knowledge management tools in market, so choosing an effective knowledge management tool has become a big challenge for businesses. This article will explain how to choose effective knowledge management tools from following aspects.

1. Understand needs of enterprise

Before choosing knowledge management tools, businesses need to understand their own needs. Different businesses have different knowledge management needs. For example, some businesses need to manage a large amount of documents and files, while others need to manage a large amount of data and knowledge. Therefore, businesses need to first clarify their own needs and then choose a knowledge management tool that suits their own needs.

Second, think about user experience.

A good knowledge management tool should be user-friendly and easy to use and manage. When choosing a knowledge management tool, consider tool interface design, function layout, and interaction methods so that users can use tool comfortably and improve work efficiency.

3. Take care of data security

Knowledge management tools contain important enterprise data and knowledge, so data security is an important factor to consider when choosing knowledge management tools. Enterprises need to choose knowledge management tools with advanced security features such as data encryption, rights management, access control, and more to protect critical enterprise data and knowledge from leakage or loss.

Fourth, think about data integration.

In process of digital transformation, enterprises will use many different tools and systems, such as ERP systems, CRM systems, etc. Therefore, enterprises need to choose knowledge management tools with good data integration, which can be easily integrated with other systems, exchange and share data, and improve efficiency and data accuracy.

Fifth, pay attention to intelligence

A good knowledge management tool should have smart features that can automate repetitive tasks and improve work efficiency and accuracy. Enterprises need to choose knowledge management tools with intelligent features such as automatic classification, smart search, automatic recommendations, etc. to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Sixth, consider cost and ROI.

Companies need to consider cost and ROI when choosing knowledge management tools. Different knowledge management tools have different prices and ROIs. Businesses need to choose knowledge management tools that suit them according to their own conditions in order to maximize ROI and reduce costs.

Knowledge management tools, give it a try

Good tools make document production more efficient and solve problems associated with high update and maintenance costs in traditional document production, asynchrony with product updates, and long delays. It is a professional help center and knowledge base tool that helps enterprises easily create interactive help centers, guides, FAQs, API documents, product guides... to achieve internal knowledge cooperation and external brand promotion. It takes ten minutes to create an exclusive enterprise help center page, you see what you receive, edit and publish at any time, explain your products clearly and serve your users better.

One help page, multiple use cases

This is an online application that can be used directly on a web page without need for programming or design. It can easily create a help page in three steps, easy to editdocuments, edit, update and publish at any time, allowing customers to click View easily.

1. Widget Help Center

Various themes are provided, and page effects generated by each theme are different, customized according to tone of product to form a unified style, and adapt to multiple terminals, support for computers and mobile devices, you can directly embed page on official web site or app, users click to access.

2. Official website help center 3. Help center on mobile terminal 4. Help center with internal permissions Features and functions:
  1. Support rich text and Markdown editing, you can upload images, videos, files, etc. to article, edit and save directly inside article and display it in help center, and change and customize content at any time;
  2. Web page clipping, you can directly extract and save content of web page to site with one click, improving work efficiency;
  3. Full-text search, Baidu-like search, highlighting keywords, providing users with a convenient search, there is also a questioned article retract button, you can check if answer solved user's problem;
  4. Multi-terminal adaptation, support for mobile phone and computer display, not only can be linked to official website, but also can be posted on APP, official account and other places.
  5. External Display: Provides a variety of external display themes, adapts to mobile phones, can switch and change colors at will, support adding footers, linking independent domain names...
  6. Details: Contains many useful plugins, including global search, user feedback, article guide, help site statistics, site navigation...

Summarizing, we can say that choice of an effective knowledge management tool is crucial for success of digital transformation of an enterprise. Enterprises must first understand their own needs, and then choose knowledge management tools with a good user experience, data security, data integration, smart features, and suitable cost and cost-effectiveness. Through scientific selection and application, enterprises can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve innovation capability and competitiveness, and succeed in digital transformation.