October 07, 2023

Help center building platform development and customer experience optimization

With continuous development of Internet technology, more and more enterprises are beginning to improve quality and efficiency of customer service through help center building platform. The help center building platform is a web-based application program that can help enterprises build a comprehensive help center, provide functions such as self-service, job management, and knowledge base to help customers better understand company's products or services. Reduce costs on customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Help center building platform development and customer experience optimization
In this article, we will discuss process of developing a help center building platform, as well as ways to optimize customer service and improve quality and efficiency of customer service using a help center building platform.

History of Help Center platform

The development of a help center platform can be traced back to early 1990s. At that time, with advent of Internet technologies, companies began to post their information, documents and other materials on Internet so that customers could independently request them. Although this method is convenient, it lacks a visual interface and interactive features and is difficult to meet needs of users. With development of Internet technology, help center platform is gradually becoming popular.

This type of platform can help customers ask questions and solve problems more conveniently, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. At same time, help center building platform also provides enterprises with convenient work order management and data analysis functions that help enterprises track and improve customer experience. In recent years, with constant development of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, help center building platform has also been constantly updated and optimized. Some enterprises use artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing technology to provide enterprises with a more intelligent and personalized customer experience.

How to optimize your customer experience with a help center platform 1. Self-service

Self-service is one of most important features of help center platform. With self-service, customers can find answers to frequently asked questions in help center and get help from it. This approach can reduce customer service costs, as well as reduce customer waiting times and increase customer satisfaction. When using a self-service help center building platform, businesses need to pay attention to following two points:

  • Provide self-service tools that are easy to understand and use for customers, avoiding technical or complex expressions or instructions.
  • Update self-service content in a timely manner, add elements that keep up with times, and constantly optimize self-service content based on customer feedback.
  • 2. Online robots

    When customers encounter problems, if they cannot find effective solutions through self-service, they often prefer to turn to manual customer service for help. The help center build platform supports built-in online customer support. When problems arise that cannot be resolved, theyYou can go directly to customer support. In order to respond to customer requests in a timely manner, provide customers with high-quality customer service, and analyze their data and improve customer service processes, companies need to pay attention to following two points:

  • Respond to customers in a timely manner, answer their questions, and actively monitor progress. For work orders with unclear issues, actively communicate with customers to resolve issue as soon as possible.
  • According to timely analysis of content of problems submitted by customers, we will constantly improve problem resolution process and reduce recurrence of such problems.
  • 3. Building a knowledge base

    The knowledge base is a very important part of help center platform. It is a place for centralized storage and sharing of corporate knowledge and experience, including various corporate documents, frequently asked questions, operation manuals and other information. Thanks to knowledge base, customers can find solutions to problems faster and more accurately, thereby improving customer experience. When creating a knowledge base, enterprises need to pay attention to following two points:

  • Provide a good search function so that customers can quickly find information they need.
  • Update and maintain content of knowledge base in a timely manner, and improve collection and processing of user feedback to provide a foundation for continuous improvement in customer experience.
  • An easy to use help center/tool ​​for manually creating B-end products.

    This is an online tool for editing documents and sharing content. It not only provides users with an easy-to-use knowledge sorting platform, but also provides a high-quality knowledge publishing platform. The content of document will be automatically converted to website using setup. URL links can be accessed, which is convenient for customers to browse web, help them understand product, and provide a convenient experience for users.

    We'll help creator plan ahead for how help page will be rendered. Users only need to edit content as needed, and content can be viewed directly in view to avoid unnecessary errors. Even beginners can create a beautiful and practical help center and product manual page. Help center building platform development and customer experience optimization
A good help center/manual creation tool should be easy to use for internal employees and convenient for external clients (external help center looks good). In terms of product benefits, I have summarized following 4 points.

  • In terms of operation: there is no need to build a document frame in operation (each theme has a corresponding display frame, and now there are 15 themes for help document scene), it can be used by opening a browser, and you do not know programming and design. If you know how to use Word, you can easily edit documents, edit, update and publish at any time. Maintenance costs are low and customers can view them easily with one click.
  • External display: various external display themes to support adapt to mobile phone, you can switch and change colors at will, support adding page footers and independent domain names...
  • Details: Contains many useful plugins, including global search, user feedback, article guide, help site statistics, site navigation...
  • Editor: rich rich text + Markdown make editing easier (supports uploading videos, images and files)
  • Support for embedding in a client online system.
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    With help of self-service, work order management, and knowledge base, help center building platforms can better optimize customer service. In context of continuous upgrading and optimization, help center building platform will more and more help enterprises to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby enhancing competitiveness of enterprises.