December 01, 2023

How to excel in customer experience management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a customer-centric business management idea and method that aims to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand value by optimizing interaction between customers and businesses. Simply put, customer experience management is about constantly improving customer touchpoints and service processes in order to improve customer feelings and evaluations of corporate products and services, thereby increasing corporate competitiveness and market share.

Customer experience management mainly includes following aspects:
  • Understanding customer needs and expectations. Find out customer needs and expectations through surveys, research, interviews, and more, then set direction and goals to improve your customer experience.
  • Customer Experience Design: Based on customer needs and expectations, design solutions for different customer groups, including product design, service design, interaction design, etc.
  • Implement customer experience: Implement an engagement plan with specific products, services, channels, and other links to ensure that each link can deliver a great customer experience.
  • Track customer experience. Monitor quality and effectiveness of customer service through various methods such as customer feedback, complaint handling, data analysis, etc., identify problems in a timely manner and take improvement actions.
  • Constantly improve your customer experience. Based on monitoring results and customer feedback, continually optimize and improve customer experience to meet changing customer needs and expectations.
  • For above working content, you can start with following aspects:
  • Create a customer experience management team: Build a professional team that will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing customer experience management.
  • Clarify customer experience goals. Define overall and individual customer experience goals, and formulate related metrics and scoring systems to facilitate monitoring and evaluating impact on customer experience.
  • Improve customer experience: Improve customer experience across multiple channels, understand customer needs and feedback, resolve customer issues and complaints in a timely manner, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize service process: optimize service process, improve service efficiency and quality, reduce service costs, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Use technological tools: use advancedadvanced technological tools, such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other technologies, to improve personalization and interaction with customers, while at same time improving efficiency and effectiveness of customer service. . Customer experience management requires participation of all employees, support of company leaders and joint efforts of all employees in order to constantly improve quality and effectiveness of customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and achieve enterprise sustainability.
  • Build a Customer Service Knowledge Base

    The first step in automating customer service is building a knowledge base. Gather knowledge information to store, update and share knowledge. Internally, it can be used to share reports, conduct employee training, maintain company policy documents, etc. Externally, knowledge base is a customer service tool. The key to customer service is communication. The customer service is used to create a bridge between users and companies. The application of knowledge base in customer service mainly includes following three aspects:

  • Self-service. Customers find solutions to their problems through self-service through use of self-service portals;
  • How to excel in customer experience management

  • Send clients. Support staff provide customers with relevant knowledge base articles to quickly resolve customer issues;
  • How to excel in customer experience management

  • Employee training. When communicating with customers, you can quickly find right solution to problem through knowledge base and reduce the percentage of errors.
  • How to excel in customer experience management
By building a customer service knowledge base, you can quickly create a customer self-service portal. According to survey statistics, 77% of respondents are currently solving their problems through self-service. Discuss with team members most frequently asked questions and problem resolution information, and finally write it down as images, video or text, put it in knowledge base, and directly guide customers when they encounter same problem. next time Just visit knowledge base. You can also provide customers with a convenient user experience by linking customer service knowledge base website to official website and sharing product FAQs, operation videos, product insights, etc. in knowledge base.

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    Creating a customer service system

    Currently, there are two ways to create intelligent online customer service systems in market: your own customer service systems and intelligent customer service systems using third-party service providers. The first way to build a customer service system requires a relatively large investment in itself, so it is suitable for those who pay more attention to functions and performance of system. Moreover, enterprises with a relatively large scale of business require large amounts of money and labor for enterprises to purchase and deploy various software and hardware equipment, and subsequent maintenance also requires special personnel to complete, so current cost of self-construction is relatively high. .

    The latter uses a third-party software service provider's customer service system, which is relatively simple. Businesses can directly buy from a service provider, paste in a code snippet provided by service provider, and then connect to customer support. systems into your own business system or website. This construction method is simple and cost is relatively small, which is suitable for all businesses that need a customer service system.

    Add a chatbot

    Chatbots have great advantages in customer service. They can answer up to 80% of common user questions, direct customers to relevant knowledge base articles, and finally solve user problems by reading them. As for answers, they can be online. 24 hours a day, response in seconds; user questions can be collected, and companies can optimize products using chatbot data. When a user's problem cannot be solved, human customer service is introduced to improve work efficiency. March 28, 2023