November 27, 2023

What kind of service system should be built to really help customers?

The market is highly competitive, and stable customers are key to long-term and stable development.Currently, goal of many companies is customer orientation, which has become slogan and goal of most companies. "Customer focus" needs to be considered in many aspects, not only to create a product that satisfies customers, but also to work hard on services. The key is to create a good service system. What service system can really help users? ?

Current customer service challenges
  1. Customers receive a lot of consultations, and most of them are repetitive questions, support service workload is high, and efficiency is low;
  2. Customer needs cannot be collected and systematized in a unified way, and it is difficult to reflect them in product;
  3. Recruit training takes a long time and starts slowly.
The role of customer service system
  1. Maintain relevant public relations work, cooperate with marketing and operations departments to perform some external advertising and marketing work, and provide consulting services to clients on related events;
  2. Enrich user information, manage users with tags through online consultations or meetings, improve user files, and prepare for user conversion in future.
  3. Collect suggestions for product optimization through user consultation and statistics, feedback from product department to optimize product presentation or features.
What service system can really help users

According to study, 87% of consumers said they would like to contact companies they consume; when receiving calls from service providers, nearly three-quarters said they were positive about company; 62% of people make a purchase when they receive a call from a service provider. It is possible to build an automated customer service system at a technical level, reduce response time for customer consultations, increase customer satisfaction, and encourage conversion purchases.

Create interactive product help documents/guides to reduce burden on customer support.

Creating a help document page from a searchable external knowledge base can greatly reduce customer consultations, and you can learn how to optimize your products, understand real customer needs, and create interactive help documents. -Professional reference documentation for knowledge base manufacturing platform. To use, go to following link:

1. Name your content documentreferences

The contents of reference document should include: ways to help customers solve problems; instruction manuals related to product, which can resolve related content about services and operations of product; product/service failures cause some support requests to ensure that users can be First, it takes time to find cause of a product problem, and specific content can be written through participation of all employees (especially customer support).

2. Use help documentation as your primary source of information

What kind of service system should be built to really help customers?
Once content of help document is complete and ready to use, you need to show your help document to customers, place help center button in some prominent places on website, and link to home page of official website. We've put it right in most eye-catching spot on homepage, next to login/registration, to remind users that they can directly click here to see if they run into issues, or they can be placed in a more prominent place inside product< /p> 3. Help clients develop and use help skills documentation

When customer support responds to a user, they may politely reply that customer can find a solution on help document page, including a link to help document. Or, when they first start using product, you can send them an email directly to remind them to visit this page if they have any problems. What kind of service system should be built to really help customers?

4. Search engine optimization of help documentation pages

When a user encounters a problem, first reaction is often to try to find problem in browser. With SEO optimization, your reference document can be seen by more people, and in this way, you can also get more visits. /Potential users.

Add an intelligent chatbot

Chatbots range from simplest with simple FAQ features to conversational bots with increasingly advanced artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Like a knowledge base, a chatbot can be customized and tagged to blend in with rest of your customer service experience. You can add a chatbot to your website or use it to answer customer chats. It can be online 24 hours a day, respond within seconds, collect user questions, and optimize products with chatbot data. When a user's problem cannot be solved, human customer service is introduced to improve work efficiency.

Establish a customer service team to provide quality service.

While smart reference documents exist, we still require manual customer service to help resolve related issues that cannot be resolved with help documents. By building a customer service system, improving customer service process, improving service response speed, thereby improving customer satisfaction. Better communicate information received to enterprise, promote communication between customers and enterprises, and increase customer loyalty.