November 18, 2023

Why does digital transformation of the enterprise require leadership for employees?

The Employee Handbook is an important tool for building culture in enterprise management and one of cornerstones of internal company management. This is a manual that details company's organizational structure, workflow, rules and regulations, employee rights and responsibilities, corporate culture, and other related content that is of great importance for management and development of company.

First of all, management of employees is basis of enterprise management. It standardizes various management systems within enterprise, explains duties and rights of employees, and ensures normal operation of enterprise. Secondly, employee manual is a carrier of corporate culture, which includes company's cultural concepts, values, codes of conduct, etc., and also provides guidance for corporate employees to establish correct values ​​and codes of conduct. Finally, employee manual is a corporate image display window, which can show corporate image, culture and management level to outside world, and win more corporate trust and support.

Digital transformation of enterprises requires leadership for employees

As digital transformation of enterprises deepens, role of employee handbooks is becoming more prominent. Digital transformation means modernizing and changing internal management of an enterprise. The employee manual, which is main tool for internal management, also faces new challenges. Therefore, main reasons for need for an employee handbook on digital transformation of enterprise are following:

  1. Standardize internal enterprise management. With expansion of scale of enterprise and increase in number of employees, complexity of internal management of enterprise also increases. The employee handbook can help company to standardize internal management, clarify duties and rights of employees, and ensure normal operation of company.
  2. Improve employee productivity. The employee handbook can explain company's workflow and rules and regulations in detail, so that employees can clearly understand their work content and work requirements, thus improving work efficiency.
  3. Improve integrity of corporate culture. The employee handbook can convey company's cultural concepts and values, allowing employees to better reflect corporate culture at work and enhance corporate culture cohesion.
  4. Easy to run a business. Employee handbooks can help companies create a sound management system, make it easier to manage business and control employee behavior, and reduce management costs and risks.
Why does digital transformation of the enterprise require leadership for employees?
How to use "Create Employee Handbook"

is an online document editing and collaboration tool that makes it easy to create employee handbooks. Below are steps you need to use to create an employee directory:

Step 1. Create teams and projects.

Sign in to your account, create a team and a project, team is used to manage members and permissions, and project is used to edit employee directory.

Step 2: Add Members and Set Permissions

Add members to team, set permissions for different members such as edit, view, comment, etc. Set different permissions according to different roles to ensure security of editing and sharing employee directories.

Step 3. Create a Document

Create main employee handbook document in project, you can add different chapters and sub-chapters as well as related content. You can use rich text editing features provided, such as inserting images, links, tables, etc.

Step 4: Set directory and style

Install a table of contents and styles in your document to make it easier for readers to view and navigate through content of your document. You can set various styles such as heading, body text, and so on to make your document clearer and easier to read.

Step Five: Add Plugins

Add plug-ins, such as adding comments and feedback to document, so that participants can communicate and discuss content of document, detect and resolve problems in a timely manner, and improve quality and effectiveness of document. For example, adding online customer service, real-time consultation and understanding, etc.

Step six: share and publish

When editing is complete, you can share document and publish it. You can choose from various sharing methods such as links, QR codes, and more. Documents can also be published directly to where all members can view and use them. Through steps above, you can easily create an employee manual, realize digital transformation of enterprise, improve efficiency of internal management and employees, and enhance cohesion of corporate culture.