November 17, 2023

How to write product reference documents?

Product Help Documentation is product-specific usage instructions and user guides designed to help users understand and use product. With continuous development of Internet technology, more and more products and services need to provide reference documents for better use and user experience. This article will introduce method of writing and importance of product help documentation.

Why write product help documentation

1. Improve user experience

Product reference documents can help users better understand and use product, and improve user experience. When a user encounters a problem, a help document can be used to quickly resolve problem, avoiding user anxiety and dissatisfaction.

2. Reduce technical support costs

If there is no help document, users can only resolve issues through customer service or technical support. This not only increases cost of enterprise technical support, but also reduces user satisfaction. With help document, users can solve problems themselves, reducing burden and cost of technical support.

3. Increase product credibility

Product help documentation can increase user confidence in product. When users see that a product has detailed help documents, they will think that it is a product that has been carefully thought out and designed, thus increasing user's confidence in product.

How to write product help documentation
  • 1. Define your audience.
  • Before you write product help documentation, you need to define audience for that documentation. Different audiences need different languages ​​and formats. For example, for technical personnel, documents may use professional terms and technical language; for general users, documents should use simple and understandable language and illustrations.

  • 2. Write directory
  • Writing a table of contents is an important step in product help documentation. The table of contents should be clear and include all chapters and articles. Catalogs can be designed according to product features and use cases. For example, for an electronic product, table of contents might include sections describing product, its use, configuration, and troubleshooting.

  • 3. Use clear and concise language.
  • While writing product help documentation, use clear and concise language. Documentation should allow users to quickly understand and master use of product. At same time, documentation should avoid using overly technical terms that can be difficult to understand.users.

  • 4. Use illustrations and examples.
  • Diagrams and examples are an important part of writing product reference documentation. Diagrams and examples can help users better understand and master how to use product. For example, for a software product, screenshots and sample code can be used to illustrate how software is used.

  • 5. Focus on typography and formatting.
  • The typography and formatting of product help documentation is critical to user's readability. Documentation should use an appropriate font and size, and have adequate line and paragraph spacing. At same time, documents should use appropriate colors and backgrounds so that users can better distinguish information.

    How to write product reference documents?
How to optimize product help documentation

    1. Refresh document

    Product help documentation should be updated as product is updated. When a product has new features or enhancements, help documentation should also be updated accordingly so that users can better understand and use product.

    2. Gather user feedback

    User feedback is an important source for optimizing product help documentation. By collecting user feedback, you can understand user needs and concerns to purposefully optimize product help documents.

    3. Test Document

    Using feedback from mobile phone users, optimize product reference document and provide feedback on test data to create an optimal reference document.

    Manual production

    Adhering to principle of simplicity and ease of use, online product guide can create a beautiful and simple product guide in just ten minutes. According to commercial advantages of product, special functions and examples, data is sorted, and released product manual gives a visual impression. Readers get a better experience and product information is clear at a glance. Login to official website to register an account, login to register an account 1. Create a new website

    How to write product reference documents?

    2. Add content, add special product benefits, special features, etc.

    How to write product reference documents?

    3. Customize site information, set site name, logo, theme style, etc., and create personalized and exquisite product guides.

    How to write product reference documents?

    Basic information settings

    How to write product reference documents?

    Setting Theme 4. The effect is displayed as shown in figure. A separate website is being created. You can share a website link across multiple platforms. You only need to click link to see product manual, which is clear at a glance.

    How to write product reference documents?
Benefits Simple and beautiful interface

    An intuitive and streamlined interface should be first choice for product manuals. It can use multi-level columns to separate content, provide a visual layout interface so that content of product guide is only organized, and it supports full-text search function Just enter keywords Find content you want, use more than 20 official themes for free, and change settings according to your needs scenes.

    Easy to share

    The exchange of information is convenient and fast. Just share website link for each platform, and users can directly access your product manual by clicking on link without restrictions.

    How to write product reference documents?

    Sample Product Brochure

    How to write product reference documents?
Powerful editing function

    Easy and convenient editing, rich text and Markdown editing are supported. In addition to adding regular videos, images, code blocks, and more, you can also add bold, highlight, and link styles to selected text and edit in real time. What you see is what you get, and every step of editing is saved in cloud so you don't have to worry about data loss, and supports data export and backup in multiple formats.