November 26, 2023

From an Internet+ perspective, how can businesses innovate in customer service?

At present, with in-depth development of Internet, trend of digital transformation has begun, and mobile Internet platform has brought new development directions for various industries. With support of mobile Internet, enterprises can provide customers with better services. When mobile Internet platform can provide customers with a better user experience, accordingly, customers will also bring more vitality to the enterprise. From an Internet+ perspective, how can businesses innovate in customer service?
But in today's digital transformation trend, customer service also needs to urgently change. So, how can businesses best innovate in customer service as part of Internet+ vision? This may be question that most companies are currently thinking about. Before talking about this problem, let's first understand what is customer service, what is good customer service, and only by knowing these very basic things can we "prescribe right medicine ". "to find ways for companies to innovate in customer service.

What is customer service?

When it comes to "customer service", everyone should know this, but what is certain is that no one has divided it and has no clear idea about it, so here everyone should have a clear idea of ​​the division of customer service. one understands. Customer service has two parts: one of them is terms of service attached to product itself, such as discounts, after-sales warranties, obligations, privileges, and other terms and conditions. . These parts are difficult to change and are relatively fixed. We can say that they are part of product or part of rules and regulations of company. They only need to be observed, and there is not much room for development. Usually arbitrary changes and free play is not recommended. The second is verbal and behavioral communication of company employees during pre-sales, sales and post-sales contact with customers. In short, all of these communications fall under umbrella of customer service. This part is relatively flexible, and company's employees can have any nature and form of contact with customers. Communication varies from place to place, case to case and person to person, providing customers with a full range of services, and goal of providing comprehensive services is only one, namely, to make customers feel satisfied and trust each other. products, employees and company.

What is quality customer service?

Understanding division of customer service is only most basic part, and what is really important is knowing what is high quality service, because good customer service can set you apart from many companies. The quality of customer service depends on type of business and type of goods or services offered. However, in general, good customer service is defined as focusing on customer needs, helping customers resolve problems quickly, and being willing to listen to customer complaints or criticisms. So, in this article, we will share five ways to provide excellent customer service and meet their expectations.

Innovative customer service methods: 1. Learn and start building intelligenceremote customer service center.

Optimizing processes and building a system through multi-channel building, a gradual transition from one telephone service to an intelligent service. For example, in addition to WeChat, enterprises can also actively promote mobile platform self-service based on distribution of customer base and platform function support, select a variety of service platforms, provide customers with a better service experience, and improve customer satisfaction.

2. From service to marketing

Enterprises should implement marketing and promotion based on customer needs, transforming from a pure service center to a service marketing center. Internally, we can try to use various forms of marketing incentives to achieve mutually beneficial goal of adding value to services and generating revenue for enterprise.

3. Strengthen technical support and improve customer experience

The easiest way is to use intelligent customer service, such as cloud call center, online customer service, robotic customer service, etc., using advanced technology products, which not only can effectively save employee time on customer service, but also to improve customer experience.

4. Focus on service quality and continuously improve service quality

Develop a series of service improvement plans, champion concept of attentive service, conduct service promotion activities, strengthen emotional communication between customer service staff and customers, and improve quality of service. In addition to methods mentioned above, there is another extremely important one, which I will mention separately, namely creation of a self-service page.

Create a self-service page

Creating a self-service page is about creating a knowledge base for solving customer problems where customers can find answers to simple questions, i.e. providing customers with a self-service opportunity to solve problems. According to statistics from various parties, this is currently favorite method of customer service. Because customers prefer to solve simple problems on their own, which saves them a lot of trouble compared to talking to corporate support staff by phone or email. Thus, creating a self-service page for customers should be a necessary choice for enterprise customer service innovations. Customer self-service refers to implementation of appropriate user processing by users through a network platform or terminal installed by an enterprise or a third party. Providing customers with self-service for SaaS products means allowing users to independently perform related operations or solve related problems. This is verya difficult problem for many companies, but once you find a solution, self-service can greatly improve your pre-sales, sales Neutralization of after-sales efficiency can also improve customer satisfaction. Speaking of which, I should mention Bird, you don't have to look for other products to create customer self-service pages, you can use it to make it easier to create it. From an Internet+ perspective, how can businesses innovate in customer service?
As saying goes, "Customers are God", value of customers for enterprises should be above interests, so we should pay attention to customer service and devote ourselves to providing better services to customers.