Validation of documents – Electronic Signature Book – StarParaph

StarParaph is an electronic signature book intended to replace the hard-bound signature book that we all knew. Entirely accessible via an internet browser, it consists of circuits in which the documents on standby of validation are presented to the user.

Validation circuits are established beforehand by the Administrator, but for specific needs, users can define particular circuits. Delegation management (in case of absence), right of withdrawal, dynamic creation of second-level circuits for viewing, addition of notes, post-its or files, determine the stage (phase) in which the document is at all time: these are some of the capabilities that StarParaph offers to users.

After validation, possibly conditioned by certain criteria attached to the document, it can be printed, electronically signed via LP7-Signer, emailed and simultaneously archived in StarSafe (along with its attachments: files, post-its, notes, as well as the validation scenario.


StarParaph is thus manifestly useful for:

  •  To make sure that the incoming mail is handled properly,
  •  To guarantee that the received mail is not lost,
  •  To obtain the validation of contracts, purely by electronic means and archiving the overall validations…