StarSecure Dematerialization

. Full web or client server application . Batch (API) or real time . Plug & play application, compatibility with any software . StarFind & StarPage pre plugged.


In between electronic documents design and their exchange traceability, StarSecure ensures the »trustworthy original value » of the dematerialization process. As soon as it has been generated by any application software, any type of content or file can be automatically included within a sealed encrypted Virtual envelope, sent using any kind of media to the selected recipients and safely archived within StarFind.

The Sender’s identification (individual, company, software, computer server) is checked (user id and password, platform, X509 compliant electronic certificate, and, or biometry systems, and certified. The Recipient(s) id is checked as well.

Legal signature of documents (X509V3 compliant).
Several hierarchical levels of signature.
Capability to add special comments to the documents without modification of the original document.
Original document : creation of the “original” document, StarSecure proven, is to be deposed on a special archive.


HASH calculation and comparison. It certifies that the received document is 100% identical with the issued original one.


The permission to get access to the virtual envelope’s contents is conditioned on the Recipient’s ID, document integrity check, expiration date, envelopes dependency, etc…

Encryption of an envelope and its content is generated by symmetrical and disposable keys.
In order to insure the confidentiality process, no one except the Sender and the Recipient(s) may access the document.


By using StarSecure solutions, you get the safe trace and confidence with all the events that happened to any envelope and its content (Sender and Recipient’s IDs, signature, exchange integrity, opening permission). All of this information is safely “printed out” on each envelope, archived onto the control server, and is as available as the content.

StarSecure is an information lifecycle software appliance that timestamps, traces, secures any electronic communication or archive of digital content. Neither in your organization, nor in your processes will there be any changes. StarSecure solutions operate as easily as client/server applications or as web services.

Secure emailing, public tenders, project management, electronic vote, secure and legal archiving, digital invoicing, contract acknowledgment and signature, sensitive file timestamping.

Main features

Web application usable with any OS
Batch process (UNIX, Linux, Windows)
Full administration console
User friendly graphical interfaces
Office documents, ASCII, image, sounds, drawings etc…
English, Chinese and French interface
Plug & play compatible with other market applications and infrastructure solutions software
Pre plugged with StarPage & StarFind
Sarbanes-Oxley &FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant

Standards :
• X509V3 certificates ;
• Open Source encryption methods
• CMS RFC 3852 (original) & XML (Envelop) files
• RFC 3126 (original) signature format
• RFC 3161 (original and envelop) and TS 101 801 (Envelop) Time stamping
• JAVA, ASP or PHP interface

Compliant with all the EEC regulations.
Usable as secure archiving box
Management of envelop filing
Additional software available for complementary applications.